The Anime Movies you probably don’t know about (and should be excited for)

So there are quite a handful of anime movies I’m well anticipating to see that have yet to be released (or subbed). Some of the movies have only a short preview, others just announcements but confirmed to be released sometime next year or the year after (hopefully).  Some of these movies I haven’t even heard of before, but after checking out the trailers for them, I’m well looking forward to what they have to offer. I’ve noticed there’s next to no buzz surrounding the movies I’m about to tell you about, so I thought I’d give them a little more spotlight on these internets:


Redline is a 2009 science fiction/racing movie made by Madhouse. The film was released in 2010 in Japan and is due to be released in October 2011 in the US on Blu-ray/DVD. Check out the trailer for it below:

My thoughts: It looks fucking rad. It definitely has that ‘Madhouse’ look to it. Dark shadows and wild textures, very similar to the other art styles in other Madhouse works such as ‘Hellsing Ultimate’. In a way, it looks like a revamped mature version of Speed Racer. Wild and crazy as hell racing. I checked out a few a reviews for it when it was showing at a few indie theaters across the globe and they’ve been nothing but positive thoughts on the movie. I checked thoroughly for a download link or a streaming site for the movie, but it seems we’ll all have to wait until it’s out on Blu-Ray/DVD.

2. Timing

Timing is a Japanese/Korean project conducted by Studio Kuma, due for release in 2012. And well, that’s all we know about it. Trailer below:

My thoughts: Pretty neat concept for a movie. As far as I can tell from the trailer, it will involve people with special time related abilities that will apparently combine forces to defeat some opponent. I’ve been following this movie for awhile but there’s yet to be any further info on the movie, much less a release date. Coming from Studio Kuma whose worked in animation on a number of shows, both good and bad, I’m not sure what to expect. 2012, here we come.

3. Children who chase Lost Voices from Deep Below

Children who chase Lost Voices from Deep Below is a 2011 film, released earlier this year, directed by Makoto Shinkai, whose other notable works include 5 cm per second, Voices of a Distant Star, She and her Cat, and The Place Promised in our Early days. The film is about a solitude girl who spends her days listening mysterious music from a crystal radio and embarks on an adventure to meet a boy again. This actually came out earlier this year in May, though it’ll probably be awhile before its released on DVD and will be subbed then. Trailer below:

My thoughts: Well, it definitely looks really pretty. Really digging the art style and the look of the film. Having seen Shinkai’s older work, 5 cm per second, I can tell it’ll definitely look great and well animated.

4. Hotarubi no Mori e

Hotarubi no Mori e is the upcoming 2011 anime movie conducted by Brains Base, set to be released in September of this year. The film centers around a little girl, Hotaru, lost in an enchanted forest where apparitions reside, who meets a young boy known as Gin, who might disappear if touched by the girl. Trailer below:

My thoughts: I’m not too sure what to think of it. It’s a Brains Base production, and I do love their other works like Durarara, and Baccano, but then again they also tend to make some other notsogreat works like… Akikan. We’ll see how it’ll pan out.

5.Kokuriko- Zaka Kara

Kokuriko- Zaka Kara is the new Studio Ghibli film, released quite recently, July 16, 2011, directed by Goro Miyazaki, son of Hayao Miyazaki. The film is about a high school girl living in the year 1963, who takes care of her siblings and manages a western-style lodge next to the sea. Trailer below:

My thoughts: What can I say? It’s Ghibli and Ghibli makes a lot of great shit. And while this is done by Goro instead of Hayao, who made Gedo Senki, a movie that got mixed reviews, the screenplay is still conducted by Hayao himself. Not to mention it still looks like one of Hayao’s old movies. I’ve got high hopes for this one.

6. Yume Miru Kikai

Yume Miru Kikai or (Dream Machine) is the last Satoshi Kon movie to be made. Unfortunately, Kon died during the production of the movie, but the project is being continued by director, Yoshimi Itazu, who worked on the animation for Paranoia Agent, and Wolf’s Rain. There’s not much info on the film other than it contains purely robots, and is directed towards the younger audience.

Unfortunately there is no PV of this out. However, there is word that the movie is due sometime this year. Although there’s not much info on the movie, keep in mind that it is coming from the mind of Satoshi Kon, one the craziest, most imaginative directors of anime. The man created craziness from movies like Paprika, which inspired the movie, Inception, and made crazy shows like Paranoia Agent (which I personally loved). I can bet this will be well awesome when it’s released.

7. Onigamiden

Onigamiden is a 2011 anime film by Studio Pierrot, that aired just last April. The movie tells the story of a 15 year old boy who travels back in time 1200 years into the past and must fight in a war between demons and humans in the former Japanese capital Kyoto. Trailer below:

My thoughts: Studio Pierrot actually making something with great animation? Unbelievable! For a studio which half-asses its animation work in its shows like Beelzebub and Naruto, this actually looks pretty good. I’m not too fond of the Kid-in-Camelot story, but I suppose this is worth checking out regardless. Did I just see kid riding a dragon? Sure, why not.

8. Deva Zan

Deva Zan is an upcoming 2012 film, about a samurai ZAN who travels beyond space and time to gather warriors to defeat the Darkness. Trailer below:

My thoughts: This somewhat looks like the opening to Super Street Fighter 4, judging by the cel-shading animation, and dark textures used in the trailer. I dunno how to feel about it. On one hand, I don’t care much for cel-shaded animation, on the other, fucking samurais. Who doesn’t love samurais?

9. Ichirinsha

Ichirinsha is an upcoming anime movie produced by Nomad. The movie tells the story of a similar kind of Earth where mechs have begun developing freewill, putting the protagonist, Shaleen, the last unicyclist (Ichirinsha) and his mysterious female companion in danger. Trailer below:

My Thoughts: Hey, this looks quite excellent! I’ve heard jack squat from this movie, and I’m already well interested into what this movie has to offer. I love the futuristic look and details of the movie so far. Why doesn’t anyone tell me about these things?

10. Tibet Inu Monogatari

Tibet Inu Monogatari is a 2011 movie produced by Madhouse, that tells the story of a young Tibet child who decides to leave home to live with his father in the Tibetan grasslands after the death of his mother. Trailer below:

My thoughts: Um. I don’t know! It looks alright, I suppose? Judging by the premise of the movie, I’m not too sure if it’ll be the right movie for me. Somehow it looks and feels like it’ll be directed toward the much younger audience. I will say though, that the music does sound really nice.

11.Toaru Hikuushi e no Tsuioku

Toaru Hikuushi e no Tsuioku is a 2011 movie about a pilot who must fly 12k kilometers over enemy waters to protect a girl who is next in line for the empire’s throne, yadda yadda yadda, some weird shit. Trailer below:

My Thoughts: There’s a surprising amount of strong detail in the trailer. I feel somewhat on the fence about the premise. Maybe the drama won’t hit me in the right places or the story might not be as strong. I can’t really explain it. All I can is that I don’t have a great feeling about it.

12. Cencoroll 2

Cencoroll 2 is a sequel to Cencoroll, created and directed by Atsuya Uki. What the sequel is about? Awesomeness.

My thoughts: Follow these instructions. Watch the first Cencoroll. Scratch your head and wonder what the hell you just watched. Have a sudden craving for more. Anticipate for more Cecoroll. Because fuck you, that’s why. And Kana Hanazawa. Bitches.

And now the movies I’m sure we all know exist, but I’m personally excited for:

13. Full Metal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos

FMA: The Sacred Star of Milos is  a non-canon side story, coming from the original work by Arakawa, involving Ed and Al in a new adventure to stop a criminal in Milos City. The movie was actually released very recently (the beginning of July of 2011), but has yet to surface on the internet with any camrip or any kind of full raw footage. Trailer below:

My thoughts: Well, I do love me some FMA. After seeing the critically acclaimed, FMA: Brotherhood, I always welcome more Full Metal into my life and a side story wouldn’t be too bad. I half hoped it would be a story relating to Brotherhood, but I can tell putting Arakawa’s story in different hands can’t be a good mixture. Regardless, more FMA is good FMA. Can’t wait till this is subbed.

14. Sora no Otoshimono: Tokei-jikake no Angeloid

Sora no Otoshimono: Tokei-jikake no Angeloid
is a 2011 movie, that was released in late June of this year. This movie is actually apparently canon to the main story as it will follow Kazane Hiyori’s arc, one of the characters briefly shown in Forte. The movie is being directed by Hisashi Saitou, director of the main Otoshimono series, Bamboo Blade, and the upcoming fall season’s show, I don’t have many friends. Trailer below:

My thoughts: Same with FMA, really. I liked Sora no Otoshimono. Both seasons in fact. While its story isn’t its strongest point, I do fairly enjoy the comedy and wildness of Otoshimono. The fact that the movie is following the main story intrigues me, as it’s taking a more serious approach to the series, rather than making a silly side story like one of the many filler episodes of Otoshimono.

15. Kizumonogatari

The movie is a prequel to Bakemonogatari, and will deal with Koyomi and his meeting with the vampire who granted him the ability to heal quickly. The film is supposedly due in 2012. While there’s no official PV of it out, here is a few clips from the first episode of Bakemonogatari, and what Kizumonogatari will likely show in the movie:

My thoughts: Yes! More Bakemonogatari in my life. While I was desperately hoping this would turn out to be a full fledged series, a movie of the prequel wouldn’t be too bad either. Now when the hell exactly is this being released? I’m growing quite impatient and since seeing the ending of Bakemonogatari, my patience is beginning to wear thin. Cmon Shaft, get yo shit together.

16. Evangelion 3.0/4.0: This film will (not) be released

Evangelion 3.0 and 4.0: The sequel to Evangelion 2.0, directed by Hideaki Anno, main creator of Evangelion, is set due to be released when the Third Impact hits Earth. By that time, we’ll all likely be dead. But on the bright side, we’ll get 3.0 and 4.0 as it’s rumored that they will be released simultaneously together. A short preview of 3.0 was shown at the end of the 2.0 movie:

My thoughts: Well what can they do now after that fan-fuckin-tastic ending to 2.0? I can’t wait to see how they will wrap up the rebuild series in 3.0 and 4.0. And with 4.0 having a brand new conclusion, instead of ending up as the bullshit congratulation/clapping ending we were all hit with when the main series ended, I’m highly anticipating the release of both movies.

There’s a K-on movie I should mention here, but I’m not personally a big of K-On to begin with. I know a couple guys of AAP will probably be excited for it however. There’s also the Alice in the Country of Hearts movie to be released later this month, based on the manga of the same name, which is based on the original story by Lewis Carroll, but again, not a fan of, much less know anything about it. Some Strike Witches movie, Negima movie, Hayate movie and Berserk movie are also due sometime this year and the next, but we all know what those are. I may stumble upon more obscure anime movies coming up later in the future, and will be updating this post then.


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8 Responses to The Anime Movies you probably don’t know about (and should be excited for)

  1. lerxst2112 says:

    Already added to the AMF list of movies :V

  2. joseqq says:

    Himaki, guy that directed Akikan does not work for Brain’s Base, so bringing Akikan to discussion is never something to point out from Brain’s Base. It doesn’t reflect what Brain’s Base directors actually work on. Stop bringing it up !@#$% 😀

  3. predator says:

    fuck u man! that was some serious bullshit!
    but the thing i would love u to screw is that when will evangelion have a fan-fucking-tastic endinG?
    shit u! and tell me the date!

  4. drasil says:

    The Berserk movie coming out early next year..

  5. sudatama says:

    Strike Witches. That is all.

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