The Art of Fan Art; MAMANGE

See the Touhou Mamange (Koyama Shigeru) pool on Danbooru

Today, and possibly later too, We take a look at artists that we feel deserve a look, regardless of the nature of their art.
Today, we are highlighting a certain Touhou series fan comic by pixiv user こやま滋 , also known as koyama_shigeru on danbooru (warning, the artist does some NSFW art from time to time, however, the series we are dealing with IS SFW)

(Seeing as this is done by a Japanese artist, this is in Japanese, however, Danbooru has all of the artist’s work translated)

The series is called Mamange, a combination of the japanese characters “Mama” and “Udonge”.   This series follows mama Udonge (aka Reisen), as she takes care of her three kids; Kaguya, the oldest, Eiren, the middle child, and Tewi, the youngest, as well as showing the other parents of Touhou.

What I like most about this comic series is the fact that you really don’t need to know anything about Touhou to get the humor.  This is about a single mother raising her 3 kids by herself, and showing how tough and yet rewarding it can be to be a parent.  It also shows just how different some parents are, from being clingy to their kids to being full of themselves and not wanting help from others.

Plus, I love how much personality the children have.  Even though many of the kids don’t talk often, their body language feels realistic in a sense.  If you have kids or you have family that have kids, this series will make you laugh at the amount of truth it reveals.

I can’t stress how much fun this series is.  I greatly recommend reading this series if you have some free time.  For some of us, it may be a blast of nostalgia.

Allow me to leave you with this.

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One Response to The Art of Fan Art; MAMANGE

  1. Heh, that’s a pretty cute and neat looking comic. It’s interesting to see how little dialogue is used in these comics.

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