Music Video Monday #36: Super Shooter Edition

So this is as close as I can get to finding a music video for ‘Super Shooter’ by RIP Slyme, or better known as the OP to Gantz. I’ve heard many negative comments on the gantz anime, especially in comparison to the manga, but I have to admit, this opening song is pretty catchy. It’s not everyday you get a jrap song in an anime opening, not to mention something I really enjoy listening to. And… I still don’t think Gonzo is that bad of a studio.


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I watch anime on nearly a daily basis. I also try to read some manga every now and then.

2 Responses to Music Video Monday #36: Super Shooter Edition

  1. zekana says:

    The gantz opening reminds me of Berserk’s opening in the sense that both openings have upbeat, happy, you can do anything, enjoy life to its fullest, kind of vibes to them, but then when you watch the animes, you realize how at odds the opening song is to what the actual series is about.
    In the case of gantz, think about watching this for the first time. you hear this song, you think its gonna be a fun anime. then you see the guys get hit by a train after they help a homeless guy….ya.
    really good song though.
    speaking of berserk, EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THAT!

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