The Art of Fan Art; The Story of my Kitten

See the Touhou – Kitten Story (usumy) pool on Danbooru

Today, we take a look at another Touhou Fan comic artist, Usumy.  Their Pixiv account and their Danbooru tag.  They do mostly 4komas, all SFW.

(once again, this is originally in japanese, however, faithful translators of Danbooru are rather kind to have all the comics translated.)

Kitten Story follows the story of Ran Yakumo as she raises, plays, feeds, and annoys her pet cat, Chen.  Later on we do see other owners and cats but for the time being, let’s talk.

Similar to MAMANGE, you don’t need to have a vast understanding of Touhou.  Granted it does help with certain jokes, but overall, you will enjoy the situations.

Bottom line, this series is about pets.  It’s about how pets act, how their owners are, and just how weird both sides can be.  You have pets who seem to know exactly how to annoy you, like sleeping on top of a book your reading, or perhaps how they seem capable of teleporting from room to room.  While some owners seem to believe they can understand what their pets are saying.

To those of us that have had pets at one point in our life, it’s scary how much truth this series has.  You can REALLY tell the author has a pet of their own and understands the love and joy of owning a pet.

Now, I leave you with a random comic.  Cats are stupid.


About zekana
I like anime, manga, and videogames. I also like perverted things and am very much a pervert. also an atheist....

2 Responses to The Art of Fan Art; The Story of my Kitten

  1. joseqq says:

    Should have been titled “The Story of My Pussy”, why you no creative?

    well, this was an interesting read.. i think pets are predictable either way. don’t really have to own one to tell how they act.

    • zekana says:

      ya. thats why i like comics with pets. you don’t have to have one to actually get the humor. plus i actually find the owners in this a bit more fun then the cats.

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