Who’s your Favorite Seiyuu of the Week!

So it has been a week since our last Who’s your Favorite Seiyuu of the Week!”  post, and i’m proud to bring you another great Seiyuu indeed. Our special Seiyuu is a deep in the rocks, underneath the rubble and seeks out trouble, can you guess who this person is? No, Yes, Probably not since not many people have heard of him since, but that’s okay. Once you’ll hear his name, you will remember it forever. Do you know who this person is?

If you guessed Keiji Fujiwara, you are right!

 I get what most of you are probably thinking, “Like who is this badass Yakuza looking dude?!”. Well this badass dude has a true bro that put the bad in badass! Keiji Fujiwara born in October 5th, 1964 and currently residing in the Tokyo metropolitan area under the company Air Agency. The reason why he’s a seiyuu is because, his voice is just amazing in likes of being cool and chilled. It gives you that impression that he is suited for charismatic role like a mob leader or mentor that you can call “Aniki” (honorable term for brother or superior) sort of like the Tom Hanks of anime. If you want him to play serious role, then your in the shits cause this bad ass mother fucker sounds like he ain’t playing when he uses his threatening provoking voice. Though he is given roles that contain tough serious hard exterior but he has roles of a soft heart warming intent like for his famous role as veteran soldier Maes Hughes but also a loving father in the anime Full Metal Alchemist. 

Roles you may know Keiji Fujiwara in

  • Reno – Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
  • Sven – Black Cat
  • Maes Hughes – Full Metal Alchemist
  • Kappa – Arakwawa Under the Bridge
  • Ladd Russo – Baccano
  • Father Fujimoto – Ao No Exorcist
  • Kuzuhara Kinnosuke – Durarara!!
  • Ali Al-Sacheez – Gundam 00

Listed above, you may know him in these many roles and many other Animes. Though he does play in some mainstream well known anime but, most westerners probably only heard the dub version of the roles. Which probably a reason why he doesn’t get much attention for his other works. Also the dubbers of his roles do a fine job not to say sub or dub is better, in a non-biased way. Besides anime roles he get’s a lot of attention from voice acting in Video games like in Kingdom Hearts and Metal Gear Solid series in Japanese. Not only that but he also dub Western Dramas released in Japan in Japanese, how amazing is that?! Fun fact did you know Keiji dubs Robert Downey Jr; roles in Ironman and Sherlock Holmes, Sawyer in LOST, The Joker in the Dark Knight, and George Lutz in Amytville Horror?!

 If you ever travel to Japan in the future and watch your favorite western dramas on TV, there might be a good chance you will encounter Keiji Fujiwara. Well that’s it for Who’s your Favorite Seiyuu of the Week! If you have a Seiyuu you want posted just comment. Whether it’s English, Japanese, French, German or etc just post’em!

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Hello, I am just an average person who loves to share his opinions on the media. Such as Gaming and anime. Very fond of Japanese culture and some could say I am an Otaku.

One Response to Who’s your Favorite Seiyuu of the Week!

  1. He’s got a great voice, particularly does well in older male roles. He certainly knows how to make a character very likable and fun to watch.

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