Carnival Phantasm starts in 5 DAYS + Type-Moon spinoff Madness


Brace yourselves.

Type-Moon’s latest Nasuverse (Type-Moon Universe) spinoff, Carnival Phantasm, is set to start in a mere 5 days.

What was that I spied in the opening? Tsukihime and Fate characters line dancing? Even villains line dancing? Rin failing to program a Dvd player? Professor Sion? Neko Arc army? Phantasmoon?! Sign me up it looks grand!

Hail Phantasmoon

While we are on the subject of Type-Moon spinoffs, also check out the excellent strategy rpg Battle Moon Wars. This rpg, in likeness of the Super Robot Wars rpgs, takes the cast of not only Tsukihime and Fate, but also Kara no Kyoukai, and drops them into an awesome side storyline about the battle for the Holy Grail once again. A Good ol’ heroes team up, villains team up, and everyone throws down type of madness.

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