The Art of Fanart; Kurkoboltsi


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Today, I’m doing something a little different.  Instead of highlighting comics or a certain collection of images, today I’m highlight the art of a user i’ve been following for a while.  Their name is Kurkoboltsi.

What I greatly like about this artist is how diverse the content they draw is, ranging from Touhou and Madoka magica art, to series like Higurashi,  jojo’s bizarre adventure, Megaman, Mother/Earthbound series, Castlevania, and many, many more.

I greatly like their artstyle.  Its realistic in a way without it being too realistic.  To me, it has a good blend of fantasy and reality.  But i’ll let you be the judge.  This is just a few of their images.  I highly recomend checking them out.

Persona 3 MC art

Megaman vs Airman

FLCL monster

jojo’s bizarre adventure

Final Fantasy VI


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One Response to The Art of Fanart; Kurkoboltsi

  1. Great art, especially the Persona 3 and FLCL artworks.

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