Anime OST: Code Geass

Code Geass R2 OST Cover

Title: Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion O.S.T & Code Geass Leleouch of the Rebellion R.2 O.S.T
Composer: Kotaro Nakagawa, and Hitomi Kuroishi.
Distributor: Victor Entertainment
Release Date: December 20, 2006 (Season One) to March 24, 2007 (Season 2)

The soundtrack of Code Geass reflects upon the shows setting with its formula of foreign influence and cultural tension between warring countries. The oppressive nobility of the Britannian Empire, and the pride of the oppressed Japanese. The character songs speak out their feelings, and the battle music is very well orchestrated to give the viewer the extra kick they need to be immersed.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion O.S.T.

Track # Track Name Comment
#01 0 A character song this literally fitting to a character doesn’t come along quite often. Much like the introduction of Zero, the intro to the sone “0” is abrupt and maintains a fast and unsettling pace throughout the rest of the song with a Latin influence echoing in the background.
#04 Cold Nobility Like the name suggests, the quick dynamics of sharp piano and vocals supported with a skillful violin playing what most people would recognize as “high class” music, “Cold Nobility” easily conveys the feeling of indifference and superiority that the leaders of Britannia possess over the Elevens of Area 11.
#09 In Justice True to the beliefs of the character of focus, “In Justice” is a fitting song of tension between characters where they truly believe that their actions are righteous and just. First played during Suzaku Kururugi’s first piloting of the Lancelot with endeavors to defeat to so-called terrorist threatening Britannia.
#11 All Hail Britannia Following the progression of “Cold Nobility”, “All Hail Britannia” is an anthem to the emperor of Britannia himself. It’s spoken in English, so the meaning behind it isn’t hard to discern. The brass and violins still uphold the essence of nobility and the glory of the emperor who is completely full of himself who is praised and adored by all his followers.
#16 Stray Cat “Stray Cat” is nothing to take seriously, but it’s nothing to scoff at either. Because Code Geass carries such a serious tone for the majority of the show, the school scenes, and even foolishness off school grounds are accompanied with this silly and humorous song.
#20 Elegant Force Also as the name suggests, “Elegant Force”, with a powerful intro and great dynamics, boasts the sheer power, charisma, and elegance that Zero displays as a commander rebelling against his oppressors.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion O.S.T. 2

Track # Track Name Comment
#02 Callin’ None
#11 Black Nights Being the group led by the notorious leader Zero, “Black Nights” carries a similarity to “0”, but speaks more about their power and driving force as a righteous group fighting for liberation and equality. The Latin influence heard in “0”> shows up here throughout, but is covered with empowering vocals, brass, and violins.
#15 Bad Illusion Nothing spells out a turn for the worse quite like “Bad Illusion”. There’s a menacing atmosphere throughout, and slight changes in tone here and their keep it interesting, but still preserve the tension, and the high points of the song further the effect.
#22 Innocent Days This particular song does not have actual lyrics, nor does it have a real meaning. However, the sheer composition of the show is enough to suffice at what it does. “Innocent Days”, best experienced when watching Code Geass: The Miraculous Birthday, brings you back to remember just what kind of person Lelouch is; an incredible person who took on the immense burdens and dangers of opposing Britannia, even through being labeled as evil by many, for the sake of his sister Nunally, and for the sake of the Japanese people, and the rest of the world who desperately needed his help.
#23 COLORS While COLORS does well enough to sound good as an opening, the lyrics are where the real significance stand. It’s basically a reflection of the show, through the viewpoint of Lelouch, and it’s an inspiring song at that.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 O.S.T.

Track # Track Name Comment
#03 Madder Sky As if the final scene of Code Geass R2 wasn’t good enough on its own, “Madder Sky” adds so much value and build-up to it. The slowly rising orchestra that stirs for just the right amount of time before the final climax creates incredible tension within the viewer and improves the scene by incredible margin.
#4 Beautiful Emperor While Beautiful Emperor does represent nobility and the the element of emperor like many of the songs in this track, this one has a much more distinct tone to it, like an introduction to something new rather than the similar tones in the other “nobility” songs.
#14 If I Were A Bird The introduction to Rolo’s character, If I Were A Bird sets up the premise of his theme in the fashion of an orgel. This song is one of the most light-hearted songs found in the track, due to its soft melody and instrument.
#21 The Master Without being able to spoil what happens in the show, this song is quite the emotionally stirring and commanding song in the whole track.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 O.S.T. 2

Track # Track Name Comment
#01 Boku ha, Tori ni Naru Extended, larger orchestra, and vocals, “Boku ha, Tori ni Naru” is an intensified version of “If I Were A Bird, and is a satisfying accompaniment to Rolo’s catharsis.
#05 The Ruins as they were It’s important not to forget Lelouch’s inner thoughts and feelings, and one particular scene doesn’t do better than that in R2. The Ruins as they were, which played during that scene, added greatly to the atmosphere and emphasis on Lelouch’s mindset.
#25 Nunnally Nunnally’s character song is especially peculiar because of it’s low dark-like intro, which is much a contrast to her character. However, halfway through, the song changes tone to one that matches her better with a sweet melody and light vocals.
#30 Continued Story No song better fits such a fantastic conclusion to Code Geass the way “Continued Story” does. It speaks out everything that the ending promises in the story, and does a spectacular job at doing it.

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  2. Maybe it’s just me, but the only memorable songs from the OST were the songs from the first and last OPs.

  3. joseqq says:

    Where the fuck is Stories!? D:<

  4. sudatama says:

    There’s no track with that name. Check the VGMdb pages.

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