Gundammit, too many shows!

So aside from the airing summer shows, I have been trying to allow some time to watch a few shows from the past. That’s not to say I dislike all the summer shows, but merely to say that I shouldn’t dedicate myself to the newer material all the time. Part of the fun of going back to the older eras of anime, is seeing how far anime has come since the years when it popularized in Japan. Not to mention the viewer can gain a better understanding of how shows have developed, from both mistakes and successes from older shows. Anyhow, here are the older shows I’ve been watching:

Mobile Suit Gundam

What kind of anime fan would I be if I never get into any Gundam shows? Which is why just exactly I have decided to start with the original gundam. Better late than never, right? At the time of this post, I’m approximately a little more than halfway through the series. I’ll try my best from making complaints about the way it looks compared to the shows of today. Wouldn’t be fair now, would it? There are some issues I have with the voice acting and the dialogue in the show. At times it feels uninspired and can be downright dull at times. Military lingo here and there, isn’t exactly the most interesting writing pressed onto paper. However, Gundam does have its good points. The Zeon military soldiers aren’t portrayed as evil as one might expect. True, they aren’t the sort you’d be rooting for, but even some of the members of this enemy group can show a bit of their humane side. I’ve noticed that even in the hellish depths of war, a soldier can acknowledge his opponent’s courage and bravery. It’s a sort of mutual respect for each other.  As for Amuro, the main protagonist of Gundam, he can come across as a little too emotional. I can understand that he’s just a teenager thrown into the midst of war, but by god, does he need to man up when the situation calls for it. I was half-hoping to see some romance with Amuro and Frau, seeing as she’s his best friend, but that’s just me nitpicking, being the romance geek I am. Gundam’s pretty enjoyable from what I’ve seen so far. It’s pretty interesting to see one of the building blocks of the mecha genre so far from whence it began, especially having seen other popular mecha shows as well, and seeing what sort of elements they’ve borrowed or rather, were “influenced” by the Gundam series.

Princess Tutu

This began with a trade with Ven, in order to get him started on the Digimon series, so he could live the childhood he never had, the poor bastard. With a ridiculous title like that, I’d expect something overly cute and overbearingly difficult to watch. However, given the nine episodes I’m into right now, it’s… alright. It’s certainly not bad, but it’s not hard to watch at all. The biggest strengths of this show seems to rely on the placement of its music. It’s not original by any means though. It’s just well-placed Mozart, and some Tchaikovsky music, set to play at the most appropriate times. It works for this series as the gradually it becomes more and more like watching a ballet. I’m not too hooked on its characters though. Duck or Princess Choo Choo, can come across as obnoxious and noisy at times. It’s this wackiness that throws me through a loop, where it can quickly change course from having a serious tone to a goofy one in a matter of seconds. At the same time, I can appreciate those down to earth scenes, which just shows to me that this show doesn’t take itself too seriously. The last thing I’d want is a consistently down and dark mood for the rest of the show, something just not all too interesting to me. So far, all I can say is that it’s a mixed bag. Some parts I enjoy, some I don’t give a flying damn about. I’ll keep watching where this show will take me…

Black Lagoon

I’m actually not actively watching this at the moment, but I did want to give some impressions on it, as its one of my near prioritized shows to watch. I’ve only watched four episodes of this so far, most of them being in a little theater room at Anime Expo, but the episodes so far… holy damn. It’s pretty damn awesome and exciting. Revy is easily one of the best female leads I’ve seen in awhile. It’s not everyday you get a female mercenary who goes on killing rampages, destroying almost everything in her path. In fact, the whole Lagoon Company is just full of excellent and interesting characters. I’ve seen a couple of episodes in japanese and a couple in english dub. Both of which I think are pretty well done. However, I think I’ll stick to the dub for now. Black Lagoon is the adrenaline I’ve been wanting since Gurren Lagann, and as soon I get some of these trades over with, I’ll step right back on the Lagoon ship and set sail to more awesomeness.

That’s mainly it for now. Gabe’s got me watching Negima!? and Welcome to the NHK, but I’ve yet to even touch Negima!? and I’ve only scratched the surface of NHK. My backlog of shows is unbelievably big, I’ve no idea when I can expect to be done with this mess of shows.

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I watch anime on nearly a daily basis. I also try to read some manga every now and then.

2 Responses to Gundammit, too many shows!

  1. joseqq says:

    dat ass, nuff said.

    I have come across with the same issues with some older shows, not all, Card Captor Sakura and Sailor Moon age well. The Gundam series doesn’t much, specially Wing and older.

    • Yeah, just some of these old shows are just aren’t that easy to get into. They were probably the new exciting shit back in the day, but now, it’s just aged far too much.

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