Anime/Manga Question of the Week: Week #1

Hello huge picture that is huge because Lerxst can’t resize

I really couldn’t figure out a better title than this in the entire week that I had since my last post about this, or even a better picture to go along with it for that matter. If this weekly post picks up maybe I’ll think of something more clever or catchy and a picture that better suits this post. But anyways, I think I will start off Week 1 with this question for discussion:


What anime/manga do you enjoy watching/reading that you know others hate?

And no, I’m not talking about a guilty pleasure here or anything of that sort. I’m talking something you find to be a good anime/manga or just a series you enjoy that others don’t. For me that anime is:

Dragonball GT. I have heard endless amounts of hate and dislike from many different people about this series such as how it isn’t as good as Dragonball or Dragonball Z. While I do agree with that argument, I still enjoyed watching this series. I got sort of  that nostalgic feeling watching Goku as a kid again searching the universe for Dragonballs and fighting  ridiculously strong enemies. While the event that caused him to be reverted back to kid form was ridiculous and the overall series itself had its goofy moments such as Trunks cross dressing and the Para Para Brothers (refer to the video below), I still enjoyed the series as a whole. The ending was nostalgic and it left me satisfied after watching it.


So, what are your responses? Have one? Have many? Let us know and let the discussion begin!

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8 Responses to Anime/Manga Question of the Week: Week #1

  1. sudatama says:


  2. Jinn says:

    Mostly old stuff but theres only a couple on top of my head right now its Chuuka Ichiban!(anime) ,GTO(manga and anime) and HxH looking forward on the remake.

  3. Gee, where do I start. Code Geass, Index, Rosario Vampire, I could go on and on. There’s something about these shows that have such a charm to them. I know a lot of people have a burning hatred toward these three shows, but I just like what I like.

  4. zekana says:

    guessing this is “hate on a large scale?”
    not sure it counts but I greatly love onepiece, though it gets a lot of hate, granted a lot of people dislike it cause of 4kids, fuck them to hell, or cause its just a long running series and people automatically dislike it cause it is so long.

  5. sudatama says:


  6. joseqq says:

    Hmm, second and third season of Minami-ke, those get lots of bad feedback, I like the entire series. Yes there were changes in the approach it took, but overall it gave you the same feeling.

    Aside from that anything that is “overhyped” according to others.

  7. chibirob says:

    Gundam Seed + Destiny. I have yet to get any of my varying circles of anime watching friends to sit down with this series. Some don’t like that its 100+ epds, some don’t like that its not part of “Gundam Canon” others want more action and less drama from a mech show etc etc.

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