Sankarea: Greenlit for an Anime

Well this is somewhat unexpected. One of the mangas I’ve been following for quite awhile, Sankarea, is getting an anime adaptation. For those who don’t know, Sankarea tells the story of a zombie-obsessed teen who attempts to revive his dead cat. However, as he manages to (somewhat) successfully do so, he also brings back the corpse of a popular idol from an all-girl’s school. He then struggles to preserve her body before it can rot away. There’s no word yet which studio it will be done by or when it will even be released (Hopefully before 2012 is over). But this is good news! For me, at least. Sankarea has a nice mix of romance, comedy, and drama, that work quite well for an adaptation. Unfortunately, scantalators can be extremely slow with pushing out more chapters of Sankarea, and I mean, one chapter every 4 to 5 months. Holy hell is it a wait for just one chapter. I do recommend people go pick this up and give it a quick read, as it only has some 20ish chapters translated at the moment. Meanwhile, I’ll be marking down calendar dates till the day that adaptation comes out.



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4 Responses to Sankarea: Greenlit for an Anime

  1. marthaurion says:

    ….wait, the premise is what, now?

    • Hm, I shoulda worded that better. Basically, while that kid is trying to resurrect his cat (with a resurrection potion or spell or whatever), he discovers that one idol has a father who abuses her, and they begin to develop a friendship. However, her father finds out she’s hanging out with a boy, gets pissed and starts chasing her down. As she’s running away from him, she falls off a cliff and dies, and resurrects herself as a zombie (she drank the potion earlier as well). Hell, it’s better if you give the manga a try yourself. I’m not doing such a fantastic job explaining it properly.

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