Read this Shit Now – Sept 21st

This is King’s manga of the week thingy where you should read what King tells you too because King is all about dat manga and stuff.

King reserves the rights to post King’s weekly manga thingy whenever the fuck King feels like during the week. King doesn’t believe in set dates.

Let’s start shall we?

Manga: Fuan No Tane

English Name: Seeds of Anxiety

Volumes: 3

Chapters: 16

Status: Finished

Published: 2003

Genres: Horror, Supernatural, Seinen

Authors: Nakayama, Masaaki

Serialization: Champion RED

Fuan no Tane is basically a collection of short (REALLY SHORT, some being two pages long) horror stories. While dealing with myths, urban legends and other cooky atmospheric plot pieces, Fuan no Tane delves into the mindset of human beings. Is there something out there in the dark? What was that noise just now, I’m the only person home?  Is there something truly under my bed? This manga displays how the unknown plays part in human society. One can easily put themselves and think about moments where they have been freaked the hell out but really could not explain why. And that’s the big question about this manga… WHY?

A lot of the times after reading these short stories, you will continuously ask yourself, “WTF did I just see/read”. And I think that’s one of the charms of this manga. Honestly, this manga isn’t really scary. Sure it has some creepy images and wtf moments, but seeing as each chapter is so short and there is practically no build up whatsoever, these set pieces come off as something comedic. This doesn’t take away from the manga though, it’s something everyone should read at least once I think. Maybe it will start to make you think if something haunting is truly out there. As the manga puts it, When you see something, just beyond your peripheral vision, you may be inclined to take a further look. But it’s also best not to do so.



2 Responses to Read this Shit Now – Sept 21st

  1. joseqq says:

    Is that an eye looking through a vagina?

  2. sudatama says:


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