Anime Weekend Atlanta 2011

This past weekend at Anime Weekend Atlanta was an incredible experience. It was the first convention I had been to in over 2 years so I was extremely excited to be going back. There was a lot of people to see, tons of stuff to buy, and news from some of the big anime companies in the industry. So lets take a look at some of what I saw this past weekend.

Day 1

I had class early Friday morning so I kinda missed the opening ceremonies and some of the events going on that morning. So once I arrived I started off by going into the dealer’s room and having a look around at all the anime merchandise for sale. While I was parading around all the different stands, off in the background I heard the screams of a mob of fangirls. I look around and see that Vic Mignogna is still in the middle of his signing. The reasons I wasn’t in line for that already is because he had started his signing like an hour before I even arrived. So I immediately got in the back of the line. After about 25-30 minutes of waiting, I was face to face with Vic Mignogna. I shook his hand, said a few words to him, got my picture with him and his John Hancock on my Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Vol. 1 Blu Ray.

I didn’t get to meet him(cause I had nothing for him to sign) or sit in at one of his panels, but I did snap a picture of Todd Haberkorn while I was waiting in line for Vic Mignogna.

The rest of Day 1 of AWA consisted of me walking around the Dealer’s Room some more, made a couple purchases, watched the World Premiere for the English dub of Hetalia Axis Powers: Paint it White and watched Summer Wars right after that, because Summer Wars is an incredible movie.

Day 2

The busiest and biggest of the three days of Anime Weekend Atlanta. I got up really early that morning so I could  get in line for the Aniplex panel. That turned out to be a really dumb idea because 15 minutes before the start of the panel I was still the only one in line (I’m starting to think that people don’t give a shit about any anime company other than Funimation).  So the Aniplex panel pretty much consisted of them talking about all the new animes they are going to be coming out with including: Oreimo, Ao No Exorcist, Meduka Magaga Madoka Magica, Rurouni Kenshin, and more advertising of Durarara!! along with showing off some Durarara!! bloopers. Pretty cut and dry. Afterwards I went to one of the video rooms and watched the World Premiere of the Dragonball Z Blu ray. We only got to watch the first two episodes but I have to say, it looks really damn good (as would any Blu ray). After that I went to the Funimation panel, which everyone and there mother decided to attend. The cool thing about this panel was that the entire thing was being broadcasted live on NicoNico. They showed off some of what they were coming out with or what was already out including Darker than Black Season 2, Baka to Test Season 1, Trigun: Badlands Rumble, Eden of the East: Paradise Lost and other series. At the end they made some big announcements about their new elite subscriptions on their website, them licensing .hack/Quantum, and that they will be streaming Guilty Crown this Fall season. After all that was over there was a Q&A session. I actually got a question of mine answered. I asked Funimation if they had any news on The Tatami Galaxy. They told me that they still have it up on their site to watch (duh!) and that they haven’t gotten the DVD/Blu ray rights to it yet. They even said that they are focusing on other series. This pissed me off that they are overlooking The Tatami Galaxy and putting more focus on other shows. I really want The Tatami Galaxy over here in the states. Once that was over I headed straight over to the Brina Palencia signing. I actually got a really good spot in line so I only waited like 10 minutes before I got up to her and had her sign my Eva 1.11 and Summer Wars Blu ray copies. I also got my picture taken with her. God, is she not ridiculously pretty in person.

Right after Brina Palencia’s signing, Funimation was screening some clips for series they either already had out in stores or ones coming out later on. Most of them were of series they showed off during their panel, but they also added clips from Sgt. Frog Season 3, Shin Chan and Nior. After watching some of those clips, I really want to start watching Darker than Black, Nior and Eden of the East. The clips they showed off really got me interested in watching those shows. The rest of Day 2 consisted of me waltzing around the Dealer’s Room some more, making some more purchases, and dropping in on the screening of Evangelion 2.22, which I left after sitting in for 30 minutes because half the people there were talking over the movie like a bunch of rude ass fuckheads.

Day 3

Day 3 wasn’t all that exciting. I had to work early that morning so I didn’t arrive back at the con until around noon and they ended at 5 PM. So Day 3 consisted of me going around the Dealer’s Room again and making last minute purchases before they shut down. At 5 they had the closing ceremonies where they thanked everyone for coming and brought most of the guests on stage to say a few last words. First up was Naoko Matsuki. She was actually really thankful and emotional up on stage. I felt kinda bad afterwards not being able to go to her panel.

After she came up Yoshitoshi Abe came  up and said a few words.

The Suzan came up after Yoshitoshi Abe. They really didn’t say much. In fact I think they were on the stage for all of a minute.

The next person up I actually haven’t mentioned at all in either this post or my preview post. Doug Smith was at AWA as well. He had a stand in the back of the Dealer’s Room with all his artwork up on display. I talked with him for a bit and he is a really cool guy. Really interesting conversation was had with Doug Smith. He also did some Kintaro Oe. It was awesome.

Then Vic Mignogna came up on the stage holding a baby. Why was he holding a baby? I’ll leave that for you to decide

Then most of the staff from AWA came up, said a few words and started up a Q&A. I didn’t stay for that. I just ended up leaving.


There were some really good cosplays at AWA this year. And there were also a lot of shitty ones (those being all the Naruto, Bleach and One Piece cosplays). Here are the cosplays I deemed necessary to photograph.

Shizuo and Celty from Durarara!!

The best Shizuo cosplay I saw at AWA

Highschool of the Dead


Probably the best Madoka cosplay. Also the only one that wasn't some fat chick

Spike Spiegel

Victorique from Gosick

Like the Madoka cosplay, the only Yoko that wasn't a fat chick

The most badass cosplays go to the Appleseed cosplayers

Wolfwood and Vash the Stampede

Shiemi and Rin

I took this one just for you Ven

Saved the best for last. Yotsuba and Danbou's

And now for the best part of the post; the part where I show you all the cool shit I bought.

The biggest two purchases: Limited Edition Blu ray Baccano! box set and the first 10 volumes of Kimi ni Todoke

The only damn thing I could find of mai waifu

Eva fabric poster

Front side of my Ghost in the Shell shirt


Backside of my Ghost in the Shell shirt



















Kyubey shirt

Random shit I got in a grab bag

The two free mini posters I got at the Funimation booth

The free postcards I got from the Funimation booth and Aniplex panel


And that wraps up anything and everything Anime Weekend Atlanta 2011. Sorry that there are so many pictures, I didn’t realize that I had taken so many. Anyways I just wanna say that AWA this past weekend was a blast. Bought some great stuff, saw some awesome people, and just loved the atmosphere and experience of those 3 days. I cannot wait for next years AWA.




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  1. chronolynx says:

    … Would you believe that I actually know that Victorique cosplayer?

  2. joseqq says:

    I bet Ven has a boner right now after seeing that picture. Holy fucking KnT, damn… go watch Darker Than Black now idiot! what is wrong with you!!!

    Kotomi wipe to clean excess sticky white stuff.

    Side note: next time there is an event, make a post per day, that’d be awesome~ and less infuriating at the lack of text. Or a separate post for cosplay pictures.

  3. vensito says:

    You should really send me those TRC figures >.>…Just Saying.

  4. crap this is making me miss going to anime cons i havn’t been able to go in like 2 years now maybe the next one to come to texas i’ll have to ask for a few days off.

    Awesome post wish i could have been there.

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