Special Upcoming Project!

Lately I haven’t been blogging or reviewing about anime for the past few weeks; Due to large amount of work and afraid I can’t make it to the future Podcasts. The past few weeks I haven’t written a post and haven’t bothered with reviews. The reason why is because, I feel like my thoughts aren’t getting through enough and isn’t expanding to other Anime viewers. I looked through inspirations of others Anime reviewers that got me into reviewing and exploring the Anime media. I had a clever idea that probably my worst or best attempt ever to get my opinion out there. So here it is…

Well just a short teaser on whats to be expected later in the future from me. This is just a test or teaser so don’t base your future preferences from a teaser. Well what you just saw was something I just put up with Windows Live Movie Maker, Now I know a lot of you guys are like “Oh mah gawd, WMM This is going to be horrible review show!” No, it’s not whether if you have the best programs or editing skills, it’s the Reviewer themselves that’s the key scene. I’m getting help from some good movie makers and experienced with editing programs. You got take baby steps before handling the big toys! At the moment I’ll be guest starring in other shows and conjoin reviews with some fellow friends. We’ll be working together to promote each other shows and probably help out with future projects. So stay tune for our upcoming Review Shows on youtube! Though we don’t have a Official channel. but we’ll update you on future projects.


About tanukininja
Hello, I am just an average person who loves to share his opinions on the media. Such as Gaming and anime. Very fond of Japanese culture and some could say I am an Otaku.

3 Responses to Special Upcoming Project!

  1. Pretty cool, hope to see neat things in the future from this project of yours.

  2. sudatama says:

    Awesome. I hope we get to see more soon

  3. Kujou-san says:

    I’m a little late with a reaction but my opinion, if I may. I really don’t see the controversy: critique, whether via serious in-depth articles or simply offering quick impressions, is pretty much the bread-and-butter of anime blogging, isn’t it? Video reviews on yt sounds really interesting and it’s well-beyond what we’re currently able to manage at our humble blog right now. Substance takes priority over flashy effects so if you have good content, viewers will watch.

    Just a word of encouragement from another anime fan. I think I’ll stop by from time to time, if that’s alright.

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