Afterlife After Hours Episode 1: The Community Show

Recently, shows have been pushing out little by little each month. So I thought to myself, what could I do to push more recordings out? I mean, we’re a podcast, right? We gotta record at least something nowadays. So I bring to you, Afterlife After hours. A spinoff of my very own show where a guest and I talk about general topics on anime. I know it’s odd to have a spinoff, but I feel it would be fun to have these sort of discussions with other people. It could be something I want to get off my chest or a discussion a guest would like to bring up. It’s much more free form than the main show and since it’s only me and a guest, I’m free to do these shows more often. Anyone is welcome to be a guest on these spinoff shows if there’s a discussion topic you’d like to talk about.

As for the first episode, Gabe and I had a neat discussion on anime communities nowadays. It’s about an hour long but we got some great topics going on.

Listen here:

Download here: Afterlife After Hours Episode 1: The community Show




About davethezombie
I watch anime on nearly a daily basis. I also try to read some manga every now and then.

7 Responses to Afterlife After Hours Episode 1: The Community Show

  1. lerxst2112 says:

    “I’m kinda imitating someone”


  2. sudatama says:


  3. tanukininja says:

    I kind of wish the main show was structured like this, but I feel like these are meant to be savored for last. I always wanted more podcasts that bring up topics to talk about in general and then again there has to update news and reviews. : /

    • I kinda did too, but it’s difficult to come up with discussion topics that many people can participate in. I still wanted to keep the main show as it is now because it still allows for thoughts to be expressed on specific shows.

      • tanukininja says:

        Yeah the main show is good as it is, a way to keep current things expressed and talked about. Finding a topic for each week could be too much.

  4. chibirob says:

    LOL it was almost a “I hate Lerxst” show lol

  5. acerailgun says:

    Nice first episode. I feel like you guys share similar opinions to anime and the fan bases that I do. I rarely use MAL now days because it is so full of negativity and fan boys. There is nothing wrong with fan boys but I prefer the ones that don’t bash other things. There may be a lot of moe type anime around now days but surely it’s not hard to avoid stuff like that if you aren’t interested in it. How come people don’t realize this :p

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