Visual Novel Review: G Senjō no Maō (The Devil on G-String)

G-Senjou no Maou Cover

Name: G Senjō no Maō (The Devil on G-String)
Studio: Akabeisoft2
Genre: Drama, Eroge
Year Released: 2008

Here is the first ever visual novel review on AAP. To kick off this groundbreaking development, I’ll be reviewing the visual novel that I haven’t failed to shove down everyone’s throat appropriately propagate to everyone I meet; the long overdue review of G Senjou no Mao. Of course, spoiler free.

The Devil on G-String (because I can’t decide whether or not I’d like to keep referring to it in its Japanese name) takes place in modern day Japan for us to witness the cat-and-mouse chase between the awkward and self-proclaimed “hero”, Usami Haru (the main heroine), and the notorious yet elusive Maou (Maou, in the case of this game, meaning Devil) of the underground world of Yakuza and crime. Although, it’s more accurate to say we witness this battle through the eyes of our protagonist, Kyousuke Azai. Thus unfolds the beautiful tale of evil, justice, and revenge.

It’s hard to tell where to start, because most elements of this VN tie in together very well for the most part, but for the sake of this review, I’ll start with story. From the beginning I could tell this story would be a big portion to chew on, and I was right. Although, its fairly deep story (and it’s a long one) is simple in the big picture, but had it not been for the good pacing this VN presents, half of it probably would have flown over my head. Although, I’ll admit the beginning was a little slow. Events flow nicely with each other and it makes sense, there’s no jumping the shark in this game… not much at least. Of course, things get a little more involved and a lot more complex, especially in the later half, but it’s all in good faith because (for the lack of a better sentence) this is a damn good story, and it really means something. The story twists are nothing to scoff at either. Coming from a story that makes you really draw your own conclusions early on, the twists take you by surprise.

Maou Art 1Maou Art 2Maou Art 3Maou Art 4Maou Art 5

A VN would be nothing without art. Although the opinion on what art is considered good changes according to the time, I can say that Devil on G-String will stay on high standing for a long time. The character designs are interesting, the anatomy is right (maybe hands are just a little wonky, but a lot of VN CG has that problem), and the style and quality are fresh. There’s a lot of detail when there should be, a good use of color tone and atmosphere, and all topped off with a nice glow style.


Character introductions are a bit abrupt, but it’s good to get to the good stuff as soon as possible. Including the main girl, we have a total of four heroines (from left to right). Usami Haru, the girl to whom words efficient enough to describe her escape me. Let’s just go with eccentric. Tsubaki Miwa, the girl who goes through every day with a smile on her face and seems to love everything. Kanon Azai, the best archetype to ever grace this earth the almost Nanako the little sister, with a bit of an air-head personality, but we can all forgive that. And finally, Mizuha Shiratori, the bitch the bitch the girl who can’t exactly express her feelings in a nice way (the tsundere). But she’s not all that bad.

As far as character development, the girls don’t do a bad job in their individual routes, but as for the true route it falls a little flat. In their own routes, there are some big changes. Tsubaki goes through a big development, Kanon doesn’t necessarily develop but the player’s perspective goes through some changes. Mizuha, on the other hand, gets her big spotlight in the true route due to the story’s circumstances. The only thing she has going for her in her route is the ending. It also goes without saying that Usami gets the largest development of the group. Aside from the girls, the rest of the cast also get their time to shine, brotag included, and it’s a job well done.

The soundtrack of Devil on G-String is certainly an interesting one. Not only is it well performed, it’s a medley of classical music, though they’re mostly the big names such as Ride of the Vaklyries, Gymnopedies, Fur Elise, and obviously Air on the G-String. For a [self proclaimed] music buff like me, this is a big plus. Although saying it’s well performed is a bit of an overstatement considering half of it is chiptune. Nonetheless, the insert songs I can say are definitely well performed.

For voice acting, I can safely say that this game is solid. The whole cast is well performed, especially when you have people like Jun Fukuyama behind the mic playing the bad boy. That sexy Zero voice, am I right? Not to mention Haruka Kawai as Kanon. Best little sister voice, am I right? Right.

GSenjou no Maou Menu

And of course, the system. There’s nothing too terribly special, and there’s enough customization to be comfortable. Everything is in reach and it’s easy to navigate. Nothing too fancy either, but it’s certainly not plain or bland. I suppose it would be considered better than others, but not as good as a system such as Aiyoku no Eustia’s.

However, there is one big element of this VN that falters. The main story and true route is obviously the way to go. Haru’s route is the cream of the crop, and it’s really the crop. So because of this, every other girl’s route falls of the train onto its own deviation. Sure it’s enjoyable if you like the girl, and that’s no problem. But it means to completely derail off the main story. The main arc falls off the face of the Earth when you take another route. So your favorite girl’s route is a big fat lie So if you want to go for your favorite heroine, you’ll have to sacrifice the pleasure of the amazing main story. Although, you’re most likely going to accomplish every route as it should be with all VNs, but it’s still disappointing when they pale in comparison to Haru’s route. Had AS2 made every other route just as monumental as Haru’s route without the true ending that could only be achieved when going with Haru, then this VN would be ten times better than it is now.

The Devil on G-String is a very popular VN and it lives up to the popularity. It’s enjoyable in a lot of different ways, with a killer story, great art, top notch music, nice characters, all with great presentation. It’s a Grade-A visual novel, with little missteps. It’s a great addition to any collection for players, and it’s suitable for veterans, and for beginners (This was actually my second visual novel).

Thanks for reading the first visual novel review of AAP.

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4 Responses to Visual Novel Review: G Senjō no Maō (The Devil on G-String)

  1. tanukininja says:

    Great Review Gabe, I have not yet to complete this game. From my experience of playing this game. it does start out slow, but gets very compelling to draw you and keep making decisions. A plot with a high school student and Underground Yakuza ties, may sound cheesey but, it has really good delivery and twists.

  2. Mastersawtun says:

    I am glad this is my first VN 😀

  3. How do i go about getting Vns and having them be english o.o?

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