12 Days of Anime Christmas: Day 8 and 9


As you may not be aware of, I didn’t do a post yesterday. I blame my shitty work schedule and the fact I’ve worked 30 hours this week and it’s only Thursday. I’ve been a bit tired. But you aren’t here to read about me whine about my personal life, you’re here to read about my favorite things this year in anime. So I’m mashing Day 8 and Day 9 into one post. Doing this will cause this post to be a tad long. Don’t like it? Well, the door is right there.


Day 8

I have watched a vast number of shows this past year. More than I actually even anticipated I would. And through watching all these shows, I’ve come to learn something about myself: I have a vast liking for anime with good, interesting art styles.  And I watched two in particular that had art styles I would like to spotlight, starting with the anime displayed above, Mononoke.


I picked up Mononoke on a whim. Saw it on MAL and decided to give it a watch. But I was not expecting the art style from the picture on MAL to carry over to the anime itself. To give you and idea of how this show looks, here is an actual scene


Now, I liked Mononoke for its story telling alone. But what gave it that extra push from a 9 to a 10 and landing it a spot as my #11 favorite anime of all time was the art style. Its use of a vast array of colors was enjoyable to look at on its own. But what really sold me on it, and this is something I didn’t realize until around episode 4, was that everything from the characters to the backgrounds looked as if they had textures to them. It gave it that old, weathered feel to it as if it was an old world Japanese painting. It was this unique look that really captured my attention. If you like really good art styles in anime, then look no further than Mononoke (that is if you can handle some crazy stories about abortion, incest and the sort). And just to emphasize it a bit more, here is Mononoke in action.

The second anime I watched this year with an art style that I believe to be one of more pleasant and down right beautiful to look at is this:


If you don’t know what anime I’m talking about just by looking at this then you haven’t been watching anime this year. So for all of you out there that have been living under a rock, this is Redline. Just like Mononoke, Redline is colorful mess. The characters and world of Redline is so nice to look at that after I finished the movie, I went back and watched it again without even paying attention to the subtitles. All I did was look at every single detail and color with such awe. And the cherry on top of this art style is what went into making this movie. Production for Redline started way back in 2002. The movie was completed in 2009. And here’s the kicker: the movie is completely hand-drawn. Seven years of hand-drawn goodness. No CG. Just a man and his pencil(or pen or magic markers. I honestly don’t know how anime is done, I just like watching it). Just like what I did above with Mononoke and to emphasize how good it looks, here’s a trailer.


Day 8 of the 12 Days of Anime Christmas: Art Styles


Day 9


I’ll try to keep this part brief so that I don’t have a stupid long post. One thing I have come to enjoy this past year is something some of you out have probably done with your fellow otaku’s: sharing. That’s right. I’m talking about trading anime with one another. I have actually just recently gotten into trading anime with my fellow co-hosts Dave, Vensito and Gabe as well as guests of the show. What I have really come to enjoy about trading anime is not only you sharing some of your favorite shows with others, but also getting an incite on your fellow tradee(?)’s favorite animes are. Or the person you are trading with is a complete dick and give’s you some shit anime like MM or Code Geass.  I started this a couple months ago with Dave, Vensito and Gabe in a Skype call after recording a podcast. The three of them decided to go on a mass trading frenzy with each other, which made me feel left out. So like that annoying kid on the playground who has to be apart of every single game of hide and seek and asks “CAN I JOIN?”, I did just that. I made trades with the three of them that night. But I just couldn’t stop there. I went on to make trades with Jose, Aero and Zach as well. I’m not really sure what it was that got me to make a massive trading spree like that. I think it’s what I mentioned above about getting others to watch your favorite anime while you watch there’s. That or I’m some sort of weird masochist and I get my kicks off other people telling me what I should watch. Or I just got bored with airing anime and wanted someone to recommend me some good shows. Who knows. All I know is that I’ve taken a liking to doing this and hope to do it more in the future.

And if you are wondering why I have a picture of Working!! at the top of this post, it’s because Gabe traded me that and I gave him Ga-Rei: Zero which I’m pretty sure he hasn’t watched past the first episode. He’s been too busy not watching anime anymore and playing visual novels. Douche bag.


Day 9 of the 12 Days of Anime Christmas: Trading anime




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