12 Days of Anime Christmas: Day 10

Black Friday. A day where all the rude assholes of the world go out on the town to buy up a ton of shit they don’t need. Right Stuf went above and beyond just regular Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. After their Black Friday sales, on December 1st they did the 12 Days of Savings. Pretty much what went down was every day Right Stuf would put a large number of animes/mangas on sale. And I’m talking insane discounts. Princess Tutu for $14, the Spice and Wolf light novels for $35 and so on. It was an incredible 12 days. Or at least, I thought it was 12 days. Right Stuf then went ahead and extended their 12 Days of Savings sale until December 21. 21 days of amazing deals. I dove head first into those sales, and came out with these:



Ghost in the Shell 2.0 on Blu ray, Neon Genesis Evangelion Platinum Edition (which is now out of print), and both Eden of the East movies on Blu ray/DVD. And Right Stuf was even nice enough to send me an Air King keychain and Selecao car decal with my EotE movies. I ended up dropping around $65 for all of that. It was fucking glorious. Right Stuf is now my one and only place to buy anime and manga. I fucking love that site.


Day 10 of the 12 Days of Anime Christmas: The amazing Right Stuf deals


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Former blog writer/podcast personality for Anime Afterlife Podcast and Desu Ex Machina and head writer for The Anime Kid. I've been watching anime consistently for 4 years now and see no end in sight. I love anything from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, to Love Live, to Precure, and everything else in between. I also partake in video games, Magic: The Gathering, and sports (primarily American Football). I started writing back in 2011 when my friends over at Anime Afterlife Podcast decided to bring me on as a writer and podcast host. But once things started to fall apart there, I was brought on as a writer for Desu Ex Machina. But my time there ended and I decided to take a break from blogging to not only relax from blogging for a while, but to also sort out my personal life as well. Now I'm getting the itch to write again, and so The Anime Kid was born.

3 Responses to 12 Days of Anime Christmas: Day 10

  1. chibirob says:

    Yah I have to “thank” Dave for that original post on this… I got a Case of anime from them… all for under $200, I am getting my second shipment sometime next week… I may go back and buy some more… which I shouldn’t… but just can’t stop…

  2. chibirob says:

    I do appreciate that RS did put the prices back after the sale, makes me truly feel like I saved. I totaled my orders up before and after… at their regular prices I would have spent close to $500

    the bottom case and some of the stuff in the middle is what you are responsible for.

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