Richard’s New Years Resolution for 2012!

Christmas have passed and I was truly inspired by Lerxst’s Twelve day of Christmas posts, since the Holidays break is still young for me and New Years just around the corner. I thought I should make some resolutions and share it on the blog, since the transition to the new year is a time of new promises and commitment. What should we look forward too in 2012? This Podcast has been running for a little bit over a year now and still growing little by little. What’s in store at Anime After Life this 2012 and what should you expect from us or the community?

This is an art represenation of me brainstorming... As you see, it isn't going well.


Well as a blog writer of this site I have to sit down back to the blueprint and think on what to write or think of what’s to come next. I know I made a lot of promises, such as trying to promote AAP on Youtube and making video reviews. Yet I still haven’t manage to put up a review since I haven’t done much to contribute to that project… Yes, yes I know I should of had at least one by now, but real life situations keep getting in my way. Tell me how hard is it to work; 184 hours in two weeks, complete your finals, fail one class, and trying to find a place to move at the same time? But I’m all fine chilling in Nagano prefecture Japan with my father at the moment, I need this break… I’m pretty sure, the rest of group has their share of finals, crams, struggles and work.

  • College and Moving, This is going to be the hardest for me…. I know this will be have to be top priority. This will cause problems and it did so last year. I will be living on my own, from on till I can finish School and this is the only place I can be to pursue my bachelors without costing to much. I don’t know if I will be using broadband internet connection, but I’ll make sure of it. If things don’t work out, I will leave the states and go back home…
  • Work has been the majority of my life, it’s the thing that puts food on my table and pays the bills every month. Sadly my old position is given away. Luckily I’ve been interviewed by a couple places and I’ll be able to start working after new years. I don’t know how much it is going to take out of my studying or hobbies.
  • Video Reviews, I will try to put up a video review at least sometime in January. My first review might be a dud, with Audacity recording and bad mic audio along with having it to be edited on Windows 7 Movie Maker; since that the only thing that isn’t crashing on me. Har har har Sony Vegas….
  • K-On! The Movie just recently aired in theaters in Japan, I promised my K-on Crazed Cousin from the Philippines that if she comes by during the new years. I will watch it with her…. Painfully without subtitles, but for the hell of it.
  • Seiyuu of the Week! I noticed no one made a Seiyuu of the week post the past few months. That I apologize for and will make a future post ASAP!
  • Conventions? Hmm… I’ve been invited to Anime Detour 2012 Minnesota with some friends. I guess it’s my time to shine with my poop Photography skills and chance of trying to get some interviews with some people in the Anime Industry.

C'mon Pikachewbacca! Get to the Millennium Pidgeotto!


Travel has been great, I got to see the Philippines for the first time and met another cousin of mine who enjoys some good Anime. Sadly the Phillippines was short moment, but the memory lasts forever. I flew to Nagoya, Japan to visit my Uncle, Aunt and my newborn Cousin. NO NOT UNCLE DOJIMA AND COUSIN NANAKO!  Nagoya has probably has to be one of the best places to see Feudal shrines, palaces and site seeings, but too bad that was a short moment. For the majority of the Winter break, I’m in Nagano Prefecture where me and my mother was born. Where my Father currently reside, teaching English at Japanese public schools. This is the fruit of my development into Japanese Culture and start of watching You’re Under Arrest! back in 1995. Oh the memories…. Well I will be back home somewhere after New Years.

I hoped everyone had a great Christmas, spend time with their families, and exchange presents! Have a Happy New Years everyone! Or soon to be…



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Hello, I am just an average person who loves to share his opinions on the media. Such as Gaming and anime. Very fond of Japanese culture and some could say I am an Otaku.

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