The big anime slump


We all know the feeling. One of these days, you’ll feel like every anime you watch anymore just sucks and you can’t stand it. It’s this “rut” you just can’t seem to climb out of. Nothing satisfies your tastes. Nothing can keep up with your standards and everything just pales in comparison to the great shows you’ve already watched. Being in an anime rut just fucking sucks. Where did things go wrong? How it can be fixed? Never fear, my friends. I am here to help. Here are some suggestions I’ve come up with to get people out of this little rut.


Even anime mocks hipsters.

Problem 1: I can’t stand anime anymore. It’s no longer fun to watch anymore.

Diagnosis: You’ve been watching way too much in such short time. You’ve had your fill of anime and then some.

Suggestion: The most obvious answer for this is simply take a break from it. Overindulging in anything can produce poor results for you. Do something else in the meantime like, playing a video game, read a book, or watch a movie. Once you go back to a different medium, you may begin to realize how much you missed them. “Movies are amazing! Books are fantastic and imaginative!” The same can be said for anime. After taking a long break from it, you might miss all of what you loved so much about it. “Anime really is amazing! Look at these crazy awesome action sequences!” It’s putting the art of rediscovering these things into practice. Taking it into moderation allows you to find more enjoyment and pleasure into these mediums. It’s also part of learning to appreciate the smaller details as well. Going back to anime, you may begin to notice the background a little more, or the tone of music used in a certain scene. I take it into moderation myself. At most, I get just 5 episodes of anime a day (usually less than that). Why? Because I’m not a masochist and I don’t torture myself by forcing episodes on myself each day.



Problem 2: There’s too much MOE SHIT in anime. Where’s all the MAN shows?

Diagnosis: You’ve been watching way too much of recent stuff nowadays or for whatever reason, you only picked up these “moe shit” shows yourself rather than any other.

Suggestion: Shonen shows are a good start. Some of the most manly animes out there are purely shonen shows. Granted they don’t have the deepest stories, nor the best written characters, but they do have their advantages. For one, they can be pretty exciting to watch. Who doesn’t want to watch characters get smashed into buildings or decimate their foes with some godly power of theirs? It’s all good dumb fun. And second, they’re long, and by god are they very long. Some of the most popular ones are still running nearly 350+ episodes long with seemingly no end in sight. That’s just enough to give you plenty of time with “manly shows” to watch and get over the “moe shit”. And if you really want to get mature about it, there’s plenty of seinen shows to keep you occupied like Lupin the 3rd, or Ghost in the Shell. There’s assuredly enough to at least last you 5 years (or 2 if you’re a freak about it).

Huh, a rerun of Cardcaptors is on.

Problem 3: Everything airing nowadays sucks.

Diagnosis: Again, you’ve picked up way too much airing shows for your own good.

Suggestion: Drop the ones that don’t highly interest you at the moment. Pick up anything else you’ve dropped or put on hold, after the season is over. The reason for this, is that watching a show weekly and marathoning it, can be two very different experiences. Watching shows weekly can be stressful and tiresome, and may lead to bitter attitudes on the outlook of the airing shows. This isn’t always necessarily due to the quality of the shows themselves, but you yourself have put too much weight on your back. It can be frustrating waiting week after week to watch a show you have little interest in, and get it over with. It can also be encumbering watching overhyped shows, and just be constantly be annoyed by the fanatics that it psychologically drives your brain to switch to the far end of the opinion spectrum. ‘God guys, its not that GOOD‘. Watching anime shouldn’t be treated as a chore or a job. Relax and take it in small steps at a time. If you feel like you’re not watching enough during a season, go back to the shows that aired last season, or better yet, go back to the show that have ended years ago. With all the hundreds upon hundreds of well-received anime out there, I doubt you’ll run out of great content any time soon. You think I jest? Detective Conan is running on 630+ episodes. Yeah, try catching up to that.

Doesn't matter how late you are. Put a piece of goddamn toast in your mouth.

Problem 4: I’d want to watch anime, but I simply don’t have the time for it!

Diagnosis: You’re preoccupied with too many things on your plate. Jobs, school, social life and so on keep on getting in the way. What the fuck to do.

Suggestion: Read manga. Honestly, it’s the best alternative. Most anime nowadays are derived from a manga adaptation. Since manga chapters are usually 20 pages or so per chapter, you should have no problem getting through it easily, especially if you’re a fast reader. Mangas usually carry the same story, if not better than their anime counterparts. If you’ve read the manga, there’s really not much reason to watch the anime which would take up an even greater amount of your time. Yeah, you’ll run into an issue with original shows, where most have a manga adaptation that’s hardly caught up, but that’s nothing a little patience can’t handle, right? But let’s say you’re desperate to just watch the damn shows. Well one of your options is allocating your time carefully. If you have a small break between your job and your school life, make sure you either have a mobile device or a laptop that has pre-downloaded episodes. Yes, it’ll take you weeks to finish even a one-core show, but at least it’s better than not watching it at all! Hehe.. eh.. In all seriousness, make time for yourself as best as you can. It won’t be an easy task, but you’ll get your anime fill each day.

Problem 5: Anime is no longer original. It’s all the same shit in the end.

Diagnosis: You’ve become too narrow-minded. You look more at the similarities between shows rather than what’s different.

Suggestion: Look hard and take a good look at what you’re watching. Some shows will share a similar premise, but more often than not, they’re fairly different as a whole. Don’t mind if you’ve already heard a voice actress act similar in another show, or if the Ali project opening starts up the same way as the rest of the Ali project openings. Look carefully at the other details and find out what separates this show from the rest. If you want to get really technical about it, look hard for the most odd looking shows. An art style strike your fancy or maybe it turns you off? Either way, it caught your attention and might be worth a look see.


Weird shit like this is a turn on. Trust me.

If you find any other solution, by all means, go for it. You’ve gotten out of the rut once, you can do it again.


About davethezombie
I watch anime on nearly a daily basis. I also try to read some manga every now and then.

5 Responses to The big anime slump

  1. chibirob says:

    Is it wrong that this article made me want to watch Cardcaptors? I mean like seriously, its the only CLAMP show I have yet to watch but have actually had it for years LOL Maybe after Slayers…

  2. lerxst2112 says:

    I’m starting to think that half the posts you make these days Dave is inspired from Gabe and myself

  3. sudatama says:

    I approve of this, Doctor Dave.

  4. Yeah i have to agree with the last one on my end, I just don’t have time to watch anime but i am making time for Another because i like horror and i hope it turns out good.

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