Anime Power Rankings

I have no picture to relate to this post so here is Yuno with a mustache

As some of you may or may not know, Aeroblip, our good friend here at AAP, has taken on the role as blog writer for Desu Ex Machina. Aero was also kind enough to invite me on to be a part of Desu Ex Machina’s Anime Power Rankings. If you don’t know what Anime Power Rankings is, it’s a weekly survey done by Kevo, the founder of Desu Ex Machina, formulated to see how each anime ranks every week. These surveys are done by anime bloggers around the internet who are invited to be a part of Anime Power Rankings. If you want more info on Anime Power Rankings, go here. I am really excited to be a part of Anime Power Rankings. It’s something I’ve been following for a little while now and it has actually helped me in finding different shows to pick up based on it’s ranking each week. That, and it has gotten me to be a bit more motivated in watching airing shows when they release and not letting them sit in my folder for weeks. With that said, my first participation in Anime Power Rankings will be when the rankings for Week 8 of the Winter season are posted this Sunday. I will be posting my actual results here on the blog. So keep a look out for those every Sunday


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Former blog writer/podcast personality for Anime Afterlife Podcast and Desu Ex Machina and head writer for The Anime Kid. I've been watching anime consistently for 4 years now and see no end in sight. I love anything from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, to Love Live, to Precure, and everything else in between. I also partake in video games, Magic: The Gathering, and sports (primarily American Football). I started writing back in 2011 when my friends over at Anime Afterlife Podcast decided to bring me on as a writer and podcast host. But once things started to fall apart there, I was brought on as a writer for Desu Ex Machina. But my time there ended and I decided to take a break from blogging to not only relax from blogging for a while, but to also sort out my personal life as well. Now I'm getting the itch to write again, and so The Anime Kid was born.

One Response to Anime Power Rankings

  1. kevo says:

    You would not know how much “oh crap I have to fill out a ballot” drives me to keep current with anime. I don’t think I’ve ever managed to stay this up to date on a season, haha. I’m glad you’re excited to join us, and I look forward to your participation in the future!

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