Manga of the Week: Denpa Kyoushi

So I thought this would make a nice new weekly segment for the blog site, seeing as I haven’t posted anything in awhile. From this week on, I’ll be posting Anime or Manga of the Week, to suggest some show or reading material people might be interested in. I know Ven and King were interested in doing something like this but seeing as they post once a century, I’ll be taking on this segment myself.  Also, I hope I can shed some spotlight on shows or manga that I personally don’t think get as much attention as they should. These weekly posts would likely come at any day within the week, as I’ve yet to establish a proper schedule for this segment. Without further adieu, I shall start this weekly segment off with one of the newcomer mangas, Denpa Kyoushi.

What it’s about: A genius otaku, Kagami Junichirou, obsesses more on anime and idols than physics, despite his incredibly high IQ. He takes up a job teaching at a high school, but his teaching tactics are quite odd. All the while he “teaches”, he assists his students with their own personal issues.

What it sounds like: Think if Great Teacher Onizuka and The World God Only Knows had a baby. This is that baby.

Why you should read it: Denpa Kyoushi boasts great characters and quirky dialogue that livens the scene as Kagami often acts as one of the oddest teachers you’ll see in a manga. One of his assignments involves the whole class playing an online game as a means of self introduction. Nevertheless, Kagami proves he’s a nice guy time and time again as he’s constantly pulling through for his students to help them with their needs.

How the hell this guy is in a teaching position, I will never know, but dammit I wish I was his student. At 15 chapters translated so far, it’d be quite quick to catch up to where it’s at now. If you like a new pace of comedy, I recommend giving Denpa at least a try.

This manga also tends to update rather quickly compared to most (once every two weeks, I suppose?), so you’ll never feel barren for weeks just waiting for the next chapter to come out. This is also Takeshi Azuma’s second serialization in a shounen magazine. His first being Super Dreadnought Girl 4946. I hope to see many more great things from this mangaka as I’m finding Denpa Kyoushi wildly entertaining.

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I watch anime on nearly a daily basis. I also try to read some manga every now and then.

One Response to Manga of the Week: Denpa Kyoushi

  1. lerxst2112 says:

    Next week needs to be Tonnura-san. Everyone needs to read Tonnura-san

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