Anime Power Rankings: Winter 2012 Week 9



1. Nisemonogatari

Nise has now introduced two new characters and has tied them to Oshino’s old hangout. I’m not even sure where this is going knowing there are only two episodes left. It’s stuff like this that still keeps me hooked on Nisemonogatari every week. That and teeth brushing. And more fanservice than you can shake a stick at. Again, I’m interested to see how these last two episodes play out.


2. Chihayafuru

3. Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou

Chihayafuru’s latest episode wasn’t better than last week’s episode as much as Nichibro’s latest episode not being as great as last week’s. The comedy and laughs were still there, just not as much as the previous weeks have given me. But I still hold faith in Nichibro’s being good through out the season and not dying out. And Chihayafuru is still enjoyable to watch.

4. Moretsu Pirates

Moretsu Pirates surprised me this week. It’s now taking a step in the right direction and actually building on some sort of “story” and not trying to impress us with technical mumbo jumbo. I don’t expect the rest of the series to be them chasing after some ghost ship (I truly hope that isn’t the case) but at least they’re showing some sort of progress with the show.

5. Ano Natsu de Matteru

Even though I’ve had Ano Natsu at the bottom of the top 5 these past two weeks, I still enjoy this show a lot. The romance, the Lemon trolling, and internal struggle with the characters is all still there. And now the “big reveal” is right around the corner. Although with the characters so accustomed to Rinon I doubt that the the shock of them finding out that Ichika is an alien will be that great. Who knows.


Sorry for how short this week’s post is. I was busy this past week with tests and this weekend with watching anime movies. My head this entire week has been filled with nothing but ‘What movie should I watch first?” to “OH SHIT I HAVE TESTS THIS WEEK”. I’ll try to make next week’s post a lot more in depth. Although that may not happen seeing as I have more than half my movies to watch this week. WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME THAT PORCO ROSSO WAS SO GOOD?


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