Anime of the Week: The Tatami Galaxy

From the twisted mind of Masaaki Yuasa (director of notable works like Kaiba and Kemonozume), comes The Tatami Galaxy, a 2010 spring anime. Oh yes, this show definitely deserves some recognition.

What it’s about: A college dropout begins to relive his college days after a bizarre meeting with a deity. The main character is caught in a Groundhog Day situation, starting each episode with joining a different club each time, and ending up with a different outcome. Each episode ends with everything up to that point being restarted into a new timeline.

What it sounds like: Well Groundhogs Day, but with college kids, or for a lack of a better term, Haruhi’s Endless Eight if it was different enough to be entertaining.

Why you should watch it: Well for one, college kids. How often do we see college kids anymore in anime? Very rarely. Even rarer that there’s one that centers on the college life. Not only is its setting unique, but the art style as well. Tatami Galaxy is one of the most abstract looking shows that’s released in awhile. With exaggerated facial features and a creative color scheme, it clearly stands out from the rest. But not only that, Tatami Galaxy won the Grand Prize in Animation in the 15th Japan Media Arts Awards. Very impressive. There’s an absurd small amount of people (at least NA), who have actually seen the show. However, it actually didn’t do too bad in DVD/BD sales after it released. Still, compared to the rest, those sales numbers are pretty pathetic.

Now a forewarning: Yes, the characters talk fast as fuck. Like Speed Racer fast. Yes, it may be difficult to understand this in a single fluid viewing, so I recommend pausing if you need to, to read any subtitles you may have missed, or go back to a scene that you think you may have missed. If you think you may be alone on this confusion, fret not, we all were. After a few episodes or so, it will start making more sense to you and eventually you’ll get into the gist of it. I can tell that this show isn’t for everyone. It may be one of the most difficult shows to get into, but I strongly believe that the journey of watching it all the way through is well worth it.

As of now, this show is licensed by Funimation, one of the leading English dub companies. But will this actually get a dub? Very unlikely. Not only because it might be physically impossible for the voice actors to keep up with the pace of this show, but also that it’s highly likely that it would sell like shit in the states. This show desperately needs some support, but as of now, it doesn’t seem like it will garner a proper amount of attention any time soon.


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One Response to Anime of the Week: The Tatami Galaxy

  1. lerxst2112 says:

    I need to give this show a re watch sometime this year. Incredible show that does not get as much talk as it deserves

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