Afterlife After Hours Episode 4: The Disturbing Show

So I’m aware that we haven’t done a main show in months, but this is due to many reasons. Of course, there’s the usual work and school excuse, but also that it’s been harder getting everyone together at the same time. Not only that, one of our hosts broke his mic, so we’re short a person until he gets it fixed. In other words, it’s a tough hiatus situation. In the meantime, here’s another After hours episode we tried to push out. Ven, King, Lerxst, Richard, and I talk about various topics from MAL including the most disturbing parts in anime and manga, shows that were almost masterpieces, and surprising great shows.

Listen here:

Download here: Afterlife After Hours Episode 4: The Disturbing Show




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I watch anime on nearly a daily basis. I also try to read some manga every now and then.

7 Responses to Afterlife After Hours Episode 4: The Disturbing Show

  1. zekana says:

    my “nearly a masterpiece” one, FMA Brotherhood. I love that series but the beginning is rushed. They had to skim the first part since everyone already knew it so the emotional impact of many scenes were lost. However, when the show splits off to its own storyline is when it becomes a masterpiece.

  2. Jinn says:

    its been a while guise, thought you guys went poof. im still waiting for AMF Akira *wink wink* Mr lerxst get on to it.

  3. chibirob says:

    Nice to see you guys return. The short short version on the China issue is that China does not recognize Anyone’s license unless its registered in China itself which is why they “allow” so much copyright infringement. By having anime companies formally register their IP in China they can now sue when they are blatantly being ripped off.

  4. Cely_belly says:

    Haha Bleach Shippuden!!

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