Manga of the Week: Life is Money

You know, I do feel kinda bad having nothing else to post other than these weekly things. But hey, better than nothing, right? This week I bring to you: Life is Money

What it’s about: Our main protagonist, Meguru, must find a way to obtain the money he needs to pay for his sister’s surgery fees before her illness claims her. A strang man convinces him to enter into a dangerous battle-royale-esque game with 9 other strangers to win the money he needs, but at the risk of losing his own life.

What it sounds like: Mirai Nikki or Battle Royale without physical violence. How does that work? The characters use psychological techniques to drive each other to insanity as they are restricted from using physical violence against each other. Whoever survives the game, the prize money is split amongst the winners. The fewer winners, the more money each person receives.

Why you should read it: Like Mirai Nikki, Life is Money has an interesting cast of characters, each carrying a distinct trait about themselves. The game itself is rather unusual yet intriguing. The only objective of the game is to survive in a house for less than 2 weeks. However, before the the time is up, only half of the people entered can win, or no one will receive the money at all, leading everyone to compete against each other. It begins with each character rolling a dice that would deem which sense would be blocked off for the remaining about of days. For instance, if someone rolled a one, he or she would be restrained from using their sight by being constrained to a blindfold for the remainder of the game.

Although the manga isn’t very far into the story as there’s few chapters scanned so far, it does manage to throw in some quick twists and turns that’ll keep you reading for more. While there’s less than 10 chapters currently released right now, I’ll admit that picking this up would be more of a bet that this manga would end up being quite great. However, I do believe this manga shows a lot of promise and potential, having read the recent chapters which have manage to surprise me. This manga also tends to update once every two or three months so waiting for the next chapter is just killer. Nevertheless, I’m always heavily interested in what’s to come next.

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