The Bloody Nose

Have you ever wonder why Bloody noses ever occur when a guy (or a girl some occasions) see a hot girl (guy) or have sexual thoughts? People always been puzzled of this awkward gag that’s been reused in Anime formulas countless times. I’ve been ask this many countless times in the past and I’ve done some thinking. Here’s a clear simple understanding to the origins of bloody noses reactions.

People have wondered, Is this something related to Japanese humor that we foreigners don’t get? Is there a boundary of cultural difference between humor that some viewers just won’t understand. Where did this humor started to begin with? Well it all goes back to an Old Wives tale, That healthy young men who stare at women will get a bloody nose due to sexual arousal. Does this happen in real life too? The answer is not likely, Though fun fact your nose contains the same tissue that’s in your erectile tissue. There are effects that affect your nose like nasal congestion during sex which these symptoms comes from Honey Rhinitis. Though if things do bleed, go see a doctor… I mean it…. or just purely coincidence. This is aside the my point and I seem to be going of a tangent, you can do more research on your own.

But why do you think this Old Wives Tale was made?

It’s just something just to keep guys glaring at cute girls constantly, pretty much alot of Old Wives tales don’t make much logical sense just like, whistling will bring Snakes. Well back on topic, why do you think this Old Wives tale was implemented in Anime? Well obviously showing an erecting package wouldn’t be too friendly on television unless your watching hentai. The bloody nose approach is a perfect Euphemism to show it’s audience that the character is sexual excited. Throughout the history of Anime, the bloody nose euphemism been popular and still used today.

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4 Responses to The Bloody Nose

  1. zekana says:

    I always got the impression that the nose bleed was some kind of joke about the penis. When a guy sees a hot girl, blood will go to their head. Just in most anime, it’s the actual head, not the head of the penis that the blood goes to.

    also, that chick in maria holic has tons of nosebleed from sexual situations. i like that.

    • ryuvaio says:

      I did not say anything about blood going into the genitals, I just said you have the same tissue in your nose as you would in your genitals. : P

      But Thanks anyway, I’ll edit it again in the morn.

      • zekana says:

        lol, i forgot so much extra detail with my comment. swore i added it down. (I should not type when im tired)

  2. marshal M says:

    i always just assumed that nudity gives the japanese minor aneurysms.

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