Manga of the Week: Can’t See, Can’t Hear But Love

So I know that this isn’t manga. It’s a manhwa which means instead of being made in Japan, it was made in Korea. Nevertheless, I feel prompted to share this one with the rest of you. Usually, I’m not into manhwas or webtoons. The structure of the pages never really appealed to me, nor (from what I’m see) the content of most manhwas. However, this one is different. This one’s special. This is called Can’t See, Can’t Hear But Love.

What it’s about: A blind struggling manhwa artist settles into a life with his deaf girl(?)friend. He acts as her ears, she is his eyes. Their days are spent peacefully until a wealthy corporate president attempts to split them apart, having feelings for the deaf woman.

What it sounds like: You know, I really couldn’t find anything like it. So I dunno, maybe the closest thing is that visual novel, Katawa Shoujo if it was about adults and uh… not centered around high school.

Why you should read it: Ok yes, the pages are lengthy lengthy long. BUT! The chapters are very short and there’s very little dialogue overall. However, this is exactly why I love it so much. What the author likes to do is show more than tell. With very little said between the two characters, there’s just so much emotion packed in the story. Because the couple have each a disability, they manage to work around these obstacles as well as they can. The manhwa artist types on a laptop to talk to the deaf woman, while she uses her fingers to write words on the manhwa’s palm to get her feelings across. Now the blind artist wasn’t always blind. His path toward blindness is just so damn sad and painful to read. It’s impossible to not sympathize with his character. The manhwa flips back and forth from the events of how the two met each other to the present. You can bet on any sort of confusion to be cleared up in due time.

Art and Story by Yeong-Hun Go

Art and Story by Yeong-Hun Go

At first, I was somewhat bothered by the artstyle. Most of the characters are in chibi form, but occasionally they are drawn to their adult size. However, the more I read, the more I stopped caring altogether about what bothered me. I’ve already caught up to it in one night up to 20 chapters in and it’s easily one of the best built up romances I’ve read. Alright yes, I haven’t read too many romance mangas, but still! It’s incredibly touching to see two people support each other so well despite the struggles that they each endure. I often find myself going back to some of the chapters, just so I can get that really warm and fuzzy feeling again.

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2 Responses to Manga of the Week: Can’t See, Can’t Hear But Love

  1. Horrible art style, terrible. I’ll check it out though.

  2. allan says:

    thanks for your share,i like your blog

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