Anime of the Week: Mind Game

Hey. What’s up. I got some new stuff for you today. What’s that? Still using those same old drugs from those Shaft guys? Forget about that. No, listen. I have something better. This is some real shit here. This… THIS will knock you off your socks and make you want to jump out of your skin. What’s this new drug? I humbly introduce you to Mind Game.

What it’s about: I want to say as little about the movie as possible here. I knew next to nothing about this movie when I first saw it and was blown away how crazily awesome it was. All I’ll say is, it stars an aspiring manga artist who attempts to capture the heart of his childhood friend.

What it sounds like: Life. Just life.

Why you should watch it: Mind Game gives you the rush and excitement that most anime movies won’t. It’s full of unique character designs and very eye-appealing abstract art that you wouldn’t normally see in shows nowadays. Mind Game isn’t quite direct with its meaning, nor does it become unbearably confusing. It throws many different ideas at its viewers yet manages to connect them all fluidly and beautifully. Even the first five minutes of the movie seems like a random assortment of everyday life events, but even these first few minutes have an importance in the movie. Don’t fret if you feel lost somewhere in the beginning of the movie. I had the same feeling my first time watching it, thinking the whole movie’s sole purpose was to be as random as it can be. While it may look like that for the majority of the movie, it manages to pull itself together in a single coherent plot.

Not to mention it's romantic as fuck

Mind Game was created by animation studio, Studio 4C. Studio 4C’s forte is usually creating music videos albeit some of the music’s quality is questionable, yet the animation in those music videos are top notch. Mind Game is no different. As far as I can recall, most of the scenes are hand-drawn and they have some of the most fluid animation I’ve seen (next to those Shinkai movies). It doesn’t tend to rely on cheap animation tricks as if there was some budget constraint. No, it’s easy to tell the animators went all out on this one.

I’d like to share this movie with other people without revealing next to nothing. The twists and turns in the plot are part of what makes it so charming and unique. Scenes are artistically crafted with camera angles that allow the viewer a different perspective on the action occurring on screen. It challenges its viewers and certainly brings in some ideas to think about as you watch the movie. Although not all of the characters develop a sort of relationship with each other, the moments when they do have a connection are remarkable. Mind Game is this one long roller coaster that you’ll never want to get off. Now just by looking at the poster, you could probably suspect that this is one hell of an oddball of a movie. And you’d be right. It mix and matches a variety of insane looking visuals. You could’ve sworn that you took every sort of hallucinogenic drug that exists. But bear with it. Mind Game has much more to offer than what it appears to have.

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I watch anime on nearly a daily basis. I also try to read some manga every now and then.

2 Responses to Anime of the Week: Mind Game

  1. ccorks says:

    I saw this anime at a film festival a few years ago and was blown away. I starts off kind of silly, but the more the duration wears on, the more profound and unique it seems. Good review!

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