Afterlife After Hours Episode 6: The Villains Show

Afterlife After Hours host, DavetheZombie, and co-host, Gabe, talk about villains in anime, and why there are so few good ones. No really, why are so many villains so shitty? Listen to this show to find out.

Download here: Afterlife After Hours Episode 6: The Villains Show

Listen here:

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I watch anime on nearly a daily basis. I also try to read some manga every now and then.

One Response to Afterlife After Hours Episode 6: The Villains Show

  1. chibirob says:

    LOL Of course I’m still not sure if you guys figured out “what” makes a villain, as in the criteria. Traditionally the villain is “The Bad Guy” not simply an anti-hero antagonist who your not sure if he’s truly bad, perhaps just on the wrong side, or his actions may just be viewed as extreme but his goals in the long run will help more than they hurt, but they are the guy who leaves no doubt in your mind that this mutha needs to die.

    The Villain is the guy, as Gabe pointed out, “who does evil for evil’s sake, because he likes it” And he had good examples with Cell, Father, Szilard Quates (the old guy from baccano of course Ladd Russo would have been the better example, dancing in the blood of his victims and all…), these cats, whatever their motives, Like what they do and do it with Zeal, These are examples of true Villains.

    That all being said, yes you are correct, there is a lack of a good solid villain of late, most seem to be the anti-hero or are just misguided individuals and the hero makes them good in end blah blah blah or are template characters with stock catch phrases that you can’t even work up the effort to hate cause you’ve seen that guy before.

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