New Route Unlocked!: The Visual Novel Route

For a while, this blog has been nothing more than a humble podcast between friends who focused on discussing our thoughts and experiences on anime and manga alone, mainly; save for a few posts here and there about topics only vaguely related to anime and manga. But lately, a few of us have been doing a bit more. Lerxst and I, and for a brief time, most of our Skype conversation members and friends, have played visual novels. So, to officially widen the scope of this podcast, there will be an addition to our list of side-shows known as the Anime Afterlife Podcast: The Visual Novel Route, and this post to kick it off.

This show won’t be very much different than the others except for two things. The cast will be considerably smaller than the rest, and it will be released irregularly, at a base of once a month at least. I’ll be the host, and Lerxst will be my co-host, and anyone who is interested and has played whatever our next game is are free to join as well. To kick off our new show, soon we’ll be discussing the 4chan famous, Katawa Shoujo.

As soon as Lerxst and I finish and tie up loose ends, we’ll be releasing our first show here, and quite possibly on iTunes as well. Please look forward to it!

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Video games and anime reviews.

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