Steins;Gate english trailer

the cast so far (atleast what i can find from wikipedia):

Rintarō Okabe – J. Michael Tatum  Isaac Dian from Baccano! and Scar from Botherhood
Trina Nishimura – Kurisu Makise  Lan Fan from brotherhood
Mayuri Shiina – Jackie Ross
Itaru “HAKER” Hashida – Tyson Rinehart
Moeka Kiryū – Jessica Cavanaugh
Ruka Urushibara – Lindsey Seidel
Suzuha Amane – Cherami Leigh  
Yūgo Tennōji – Christopher Sabat …Alex Louis Armstrong
Nae Tennōji – Brina Palencia  ennis from baccano



so, thoughts on the cast so far?

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I like anime, manga, and videogames. I also like perverted things and am very much a pervert. also an atheist....

3 Responses to Steins;Gate english trailer

  1. They must have picked an experienced ADR director for this cast to be this good.

  2. chris says:

    Finding it hard to feel comfortable with the voice acting in the trailer. I’m all for a detachment from reality and yet there are certain facets of the humour and plot line which are subdued a little if you watch it with an English cast. Du-du-duu!

  3. Otaku ninja says:

    Christopher Sabat is a Beast!

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