Makin’ Space Udon with Dave!

Hey small small audience of ours! I’d like to take a break from all those Lerxst-hates-anime posts and post something anime-related to probably the only show worth giving a shit about nowadays: Space Bros (See? I’m just like all those kooky elitist anime bloggers, liking only one show a season!). In one of the recent episodes, one of the groups of in-training astronauts must resort to making udon as their food supply has ran out by hungry hungry hippo Serika. For about 5 minutes or so, this anime showed me just how easy it was to make udon. Challenge accepted! All it really takes is just some flour, water, and some salt. No big deal, right? So I have tried making udon myself and took some pictures as I made it below. Let’s see how I do.

And so I have the ingredients: 2 1/2 cups of flour, a tablespoon of salt and 2/3rd cup of water. Now to mix all of this shit in a bowl:

It’s kind lumpy so it takes awhile to mix everything in. I did this by bare hands as it’s the easiest way to mix in these ingredients together. A cooking whisk would take too long and the flour would stick too easily to the utensil. Now we shall lump it together:

Gotta get it nice and clumped together. Any excess flour was pressed into the moisture of the flour. I got a lot of excess flour in my bowl so I just take whatever sticks to this lump of cloudy flour. But now, to knead it. First, it must be put into a plastic bag….

And what better way to knead it than to…


So now that this dough looks as flattened and pressed on as Kotomi’s face, it’s time to roll that shit up again.

Just look at that sweet sweet doughy vagina. Makes  you want to stick your…finger in it and… do other stuff to it… Like kneading it.

Alright, enough horseplay. Now to roll this dough up with a rolling pin. This took me a good half  hour just to flatten it. I mean, it’s pretty fucking hard to flatten dough. You try it. The goal of this part of the cooking is to flatten it reeeally thin. (This is the part that I didn’t do enough of)

Next, I fold this dough up like bed sheets. And in thin layers. You know, from this angle it looks like the stomach of an obese man as he bends over to pick up the remote.

And now we cut the dough up in thin thin slices. This is another part which I fucked up in. I cut this wayyy too thick. And why is that bad? Well I will show you below.

And voila! Cut up udon noodles looking all fancy n shit. I shall then dip these bad boys in hot steamy water:

And here I boil them so I can hear the screams of the noodles. Crying for help as they burn in hot boiling water. Their children will see their corpses consumed before their very eyes. Boiling for a good 15 minutes because that’s how long they take before they die.

Rinse. Because you know… rinsing.

Put in the bowl. Added some hot miso soup. Used a fork (because cmon, chopsticks are for weeaboos).

Verdict: Barely edible. I mean these noodles are pretty thick and soggy. Because they were too thick, they took longer to cook (I’m assuming). Soooo I should’ve cut em sooner. Still. It wasn’t bad per se. The added salt in the soup help bring out a little flavor. However, I think I tasted better udon from a store bought cup of noodles. I’ll try again sometime when I have more faith in my cooking skills. In the meantime… I’ll just stick to store bought noodles. Making udon isn’t that hard. But better said than done. As you saw above, it doesn’t take a whole lot of ingredients to make. Anyone could practically make this. But it does take a little practice and knowledge of making these noodles beforehand. Space Bros doesn’t exactly say the measurements of the ingredients shown above. I looked up videos of making udon before hand and looked at the various ways people made it. There’s certainly quite a number of methods of making it, but it seems some are more successful than others.

About davethezombie
I watch anime on nearly a daily basis. I also try to read some manga every now and then.

4 Responses to Makin’ Space Udon with Dave!

  1. lerxst2112 says:

    >So now that this dough looks as flattened and pressed on as Kotomi’s face

    Never pass up a chance to poke fun at me huh Dave?

  2. Cely_belly says:

    Sounds like you had fun making it. I had fun reading this lol.

  3. blitzkey92 says:

    Reading this step by step made my cry so hard of laughter

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