Sukitte Ii na yo Episode 1- Shoujos are all the same

So I’m going to jump on the weekly anime blogging bandwagon. And what better way for me to start off than by blogging about a show in the genre that is practically my bread and butter: shoujo romances.

I guess this is the part of the post where I say something quirky or ironic to describe this episode of the show and give a general feel of how I felt about it, right? Is that how this works? Well, I must say there was a lack of sparkles/bubbles/flowers in this first episode than what I’m used to in other shoujos I’ve been exposed to. That was literally the only sparkle I saw the entire first episode. Get with the game Sukitte Ii na yo.


Forgive me for comparing this first episode to Kimi ni Todoke. Because to be quite honest I couldn’t stop doing it the entire time I was wathcing it. Both Sawako and Mei are practically the same character, minus one characteristic. Both have had next to no friends for practically their entire lives, nor have either of them had a boyfriend. Pretty much following one of the more generic female main leads in a shoujo romance. The thing that separates them from each other is that Mei hates being friends with anyone. She feels that she is going to be betrayed by anyone that she gets close to so she decides to just be a loner her entire life.  Not only that, but everyone around her feels as if she is unapproachable in some regard. Sawako was unapproachable because of her resemblance to the Ring girl, Sadako. Mei is in the same boat, but not by who she looks like, but because she keeps to her lonesome self and ignores everyone who approaches her. And she has that same >_> look on her face that Hazuki from Natsuyuki Rendezvous has. All the traits for someone who doesn’t want to be fucked with. Mei and Sawako are the exact same character, but at the same time they are polar opposites.

Oh and let’s look at the male lead, Yamato. Pretty boy. Popular with everyone. Takes an interest in Mei because she is different/interesting. Sure does sound like Kazehaya Shota from Kimi ni Todoke to me. Actually he is pretty much every male lead in a shoujo romance ever. Nothing new to see here.

Ok enough with the fanboying comparisons.

Let’s look at more of why Mei is a Debbie Downer. She is fully set on the fact that people exist just to betray others. She sets the tone for this by showing Yamato her phone which only contains numbers for her house and her place of work. It kind of makes you think that she only trusts people she is required to have direct contact with that aren’t people from school. But at the same time she puts a barrier between her mom and co-workers as well. She has completely turned herself into the personification of anti-social. Although you do get to see a kinder side of her when she is taking care of the cat after school. I wonder if this is the beginnings of someone becoming “the cat lady”?  Of course, Yamato won’t have any of that. Nope. He has to put himself in front of Mei wherever she goes. He does it so much to the point of giving Mei his number. Which turns out to be the best thing for him to do, seeing as how that is what got her out of that situation with the stalker.

All three shoujos this season have started off their first episodes with our main couple locking lips. As if we didn’t already know they were going to get together. I’m not saying this is a bad thing. It’s actually bittersweet because I’ve always wanted more of it in shoujo romances. But it’s not really necessary to start sucking face right out of the gate. Although in Sukitte Ii na yo’s case it seems as though this kiss has surfaced some memories of Mei’s. I smell some foreshadowing. I have a feeling this won’t be the last we see of Mei’s past.


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