Persona Music Words of Soul: Lotus Juice

What you see above is the man whose voice is heard across the world by millions of people. A voice known for the popular franchise Persona, whose responsible for majority of the soundtrack. Doing vocals and writing lyrics alongside Persona Music director Shoji Meguro. Popular among works like Mass Destruction, Deep Destruction and Burn my Dread and many more inside the game and anime soundtracks. His name started becoming known around 2005, but mainly for the Persona 3 soundtrack. I believe Lotus Juice fame should be expanded outside of the Persona universe. As from the title of the post and reading Persona, you know this man is involved in the Anime and gaming industry. But this man is more than any other Rapper. Probably one of the most unique I heard from the Japanese Hip-hop crowd. I’ll be stating on why you should give listening to him; if you haven’t.

Here’s some songs you’ve may be very familiar.

The Persona 3 main battle theme; well known for it’s funky catchy chorus by Yumi Kawamura and some Lotus Juice rapping over it. This song got him pretty known and credited for.

Here’s another one, if you’ve have not played the Persona games, but watched Persona 4 the Animation. You may be familiar with Beauty of Destiny with Shihoko Hirata and Lotus Juice in it.

Why you should Listen to Lotus Juice: The real answer is, why the hell not? The man is a prodigy not heard or seen, majority of you probably heard is voice from Persona. If you like what you heard, there’s more goodies coming out the bag. Although he’s known for the Persona OST, Lotus has released two studio albums Carpe Dieme and Only A Test since then. Though he does fall under the Rap/Hip-Hop genre, he isn’t like your typical American beat your hoe mainstream you’re use to hearing. What you hear from his own albums is true soul, heart and true affection to his words and not for the bling bling! His sexy beats along with his sexy voice rhyming fluidly in each track is really catchy and chill. With only two studio albums under his own name, he still does music for anime’s such as C, Kamisama no Memechou and Soul Eater. In due time I hope he get’s more popular for another studio Album.

His first track from Only A Test.

Like what your hearing?

To listen to more samples of Carpe Diem and Only A Test, Check out his!

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