About Us

Anime Afterlife Podcast is a non-commercial podcast made up of people who watch anime or read manga on a daily basis. The podcast was founded by Davethezombie and co-hosts Vensito and King of Hearts in August of 2010. TanukiNinja, at first a guest, became a show co-host and after shortly leaving for personal duties came back as a blog author.
Early in 2011, Suda (otherwise known as Gabe) joined the blog as an author and co-host on the podcast. Shortly after, Lerxst2112 became a blog author. Lerxst started his own weekly show on the site called Anime Movie Friday. Later in the year, Zekana joined as a blog writer.

We consider Anime Afterlife Podcast as a hobby, where we can simply share our thoughts on a common interest in a homey environment. We aren’t near professional, and our podcast isn’t strict on organization, and although it has structure, we’re more focused on bringing to you something fun to listen to, while you get to hear about what you love; anime.

Our core show is usually recorded once every Thursday. We enjoy having guests on our show and anyone is welcome to sign up to be one. Our weekly podcast is always anime and manga related, but our specials may include discussion of media outside of Japanese anime. For example, our Pokemon Anniversary special led to video game discussion.

We have three different types of shows.

  • The core Anime Afterlife Podcast show, made up of a News Segment, the Currently Watching and Reading Discussion, and then our Review section.
  • Our Top 5 show, where we create a list of our top five favorite candidates for that week’s Top 5 subject. (e.g. Top 5 Attractive Characters)
  • The Anime Movie Friday, started by Lerxst, where he and any other participating guests/hosts watch that week’s chosen anime movie and discuss their opinions and thoughts on the show.

Our blog posts vary from anime reviews, thoughts, personal updates, news, and announcements. Our authors are Davethezombie, Suda, Vensito, Lerxst2112, King of Hearts, Tanukininja (otherwise known as Richard), and Zekana.

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