Anime OST: Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 OST Album Scan

Title: Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Original Soundtrack
Composer: Kow Otani, Hiroshi Shibasaki, and Shion Tsuji
Distributor: Epic Records
Release Date: Oct 28, 2009

8.0s tragic story wouldn’t be the same without its soundtrack. It maintains a mellow tone for the most part, and it has the heart-pounding pieces that should automatically follow even the title alone, and of course the inevitable drama that its premise summons. They’re well done, well timed, and overall it’s a solid soundtrack with several very memorable pieces.
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Anime Today: The Age of Spite and Abhorrence

Ritsuko at computer

I’m convinced. Actually, it’s not that recent of an epiphany.There’s an obvious truth (to me at least) that is not often acknowledged, and when or if it really is, it’s most likely brushed off apathetically. If you haven’t already noticed, then you’re not very involved in “anime communites,” and you’re probably better off that way. As a note, I don’t feel inclined to bolster this article with relevant and eye-catching pictures of anime.

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Who’s Your Favorite Seiyuu of the Week!

Hey everyone, Gabe here for this week’s Seiyuu of the Week Segment! This week I’m featuring a certain unique kind of voice actor. She’s acted for a fair amount of anime and has a very special kind of voice that has quite a lot of diverging opinions, but nonetheless is a personal favorite of mine.

Arai Satomi

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The trials of editing

> 1:00 Persona 4
> 1:30 Persona 4
> 2:00 Persona 4
> 2:30 Persona 4
> 3:00 Persona 4
> 3:30 Persona 4
> 4:00 Open Vegas
> 4:30 Persona 4
> 5:00 Persona 4
> 5:30 Persona 4
> 6:00 Persona 4
> 6:30 Input show file
> 7:00 4chan
> 7:30 Persona 4
> 8:00 IRC
> 8:30 IRC
> 9:30 Close Vegas, watch anime, Persona 4
> 2:00-5:00 Homework
Next day > Edit
One week later > Forget to send to Dave

I’m copying Commie btw.

Anime OST: Code Geass

Code Geass R2 OST Cover

Title: Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion O.S.T & Code Geass Leleouch of the Rebellion R.2 O.S.T
Composer: Kotaro Nakagawa, and Hitomi Kuroishi.
Distributor: Victor Entertainment
Release Date: December 20, 2006 (Season One) to March 24, 2007 (Season 2)

The soundtrack of Code Geass reflects upon the shows setting with its formula of foreign influence and cultural tension between warring countries. The oppressive nobility of the Britannian Empire, and the pride of the oppressed Japanese. The character songs speak out their feelings, and the battle music is very well orchestrated to give the viewer the extra kick they need to be immersed.

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Happy Birthday Tatsuya Ishihara!

Today, July 31st, is the celebration of the birth of the man, known best in the anime industry for his animation direction in Kyoto Animation in works including Clannad (and After Story), Kanon, Air, the Suzumiya Haruhi franchise, and more, Tatsuya Ishihara. Today, Ishihara turns 45. His skill in anime directing has allowed the audience of its source material to grow, which has touched the hearts of thousands, made them laugh and cry, and had them on the edge of their seat. So here’s to you, Ishihara. Stay well and healthy, and continue doing a great job.

Cinematography: The Art of Anime

For decades, motion picture has been able to captivate its viewers in many ways. Color scheme, camera angles, character positions, character design, lighting, contrast, and movement, all make up cinematography. What that is is the art that motion picture utilizes to portray a deeper meaning to what you see on screen, without the use of words or narration, only using visual stimuli. What novels and books have over motion picture is the vast detail they can put into what makes up a single shot you may see in a video. Conversely, motion picture uses cinematography to portray deep meaning in ways the a novel could not otherwise tell. Over the years that anime has grown, many directors have been using this technique to make their series more creative and distinguished.

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