Be a guest!

We’re a growing podcast, and we would love to grow even more by increasing our fanbase. And what better way to invite more people to be a part of us than allowing you to be with us on our show? If you would like to be a guest in the future, please read on.

We require three things of our guests who come on every show:


It’s a free program, and allows us to communicate with one another. Really no excuse to not have this program already.

A Good Microphone

If you have Skype, chances are that you have a mic, otherwise, it’s just another instant messaging program. Mics are cheap nowadays, and can be found at almost any electronic store. If you can’t even afford a good quality mic, I’m sorry, but you can’t be on the show. We don’t like poor people.

Decent internet connection

We don’t want guests dropping out of calls every 5 minutes, and it would be a big hassle to edit the show for every time someone dropped. Do us all a favor, and get broadband.

So what’s next? Well we have a plan for every show, and notify our guests in advance of what they need to know before each show so they can be more prepared, and allow the show to sound much more professional.

We do the show Thursday/Friday nights at around 7pm PST. Make sure in advance that you have no plans around that time, otherwise if you don’t show up, we’ll start the show without you. Sad face.

The Core Show

Our Core show is divided into three parts.

  • News – This is where you will tell us any anime and manga related news. Announcements, updates, progress, show releases, and the like. News is not required, but it’s always interesting to have some.
  • What are you Watching and Reading Discussion? – Here, you can tell us the most recent series’ that you have been following. You can tell us around, more or less depending on how much you want to talk about each one, 4 or 5. If you wish to say a few things about what you’re talking about, keep it to a very brief and watered down impression and whatever thoughts you may have about it.
  • Review Section – Here, you must choose one series, anime (TV series, OVA/ONA, or Movie) or manga, and review it. Keep your review concise and clean, and your thoughts and enjoyment. At the end of your review, give us your score on a scale of 1-10. If the anime or manga has not finished releasing (either in America or Japan) you may review it, but if the series is finished, then we prefer you to have finished it yourself if you want to review it.

After the show, we take a short break and we do a Top 5 Show. Everyone goes around the table listing their top 5’s starting with their #5. You will be notified of what the Top 5 Topic will be.

Anime Movie Friday

Participation in Anime Movie Friday demands all the requirements of the Core Show, and obviously that you have watched the movie that will be discussed. There will be posts on the site announcing when the next AMF show is, and what movie will be featured. Please contact us if you would like to join us in the show.

Contact any one of us through the contact details shown at the side bar of the site, preferably DavetheZombie or Vensito. Contact via e-mail or through MyAnimeList is preferred.

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