The Art of Fanart; Rifyu’s Madoka Magica

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madoka magica comic number 1

You remember that moving scene where Sayaka convinces herself what she wants to wish for? Ya…this isn’t like that

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A look at The Idolm@ster or ARE YOU READY?!? I’M LADY!!!!

I remember not giving a single fuck about this show when it first aired during Summer 2011. I saw it on the early Summer 2011 charts and thought to myself “The Idolm@ster? Someone is making an anime about that dumb Xbox 360 game? Fuck, I’m not watching that shit”. Well fast forward a year later and I decide to give the show a shot due to my fellow aniblogger friends pestering me , forcing me, recommend that I at least try it out. So I did. And I ended up regretting not watching this show to begin with. I haven’t had this much fun watching an anime since I watched Baccano! for the first time. So I’m going to run down all the things I loved about this show (which was practically everything).

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Anime Afterlife Podcast End of the Year 2011 Awards Show

Alas it is here, the 2011 end of the year awards show! Anime Afterlife Podcast hosts, DavetheZombie, Vensito, Gabe, Lerxst, and blog writer, Richard, give the annual awards to the anime shows and movies of 2011. It’s a long listen (about 2 and a half hours long), but we had a lot of fun doing this awards show. (Just imagine if we had guests on, yikes). Sorry if I seemed low tone this show, I was incredibly sick (still am too), but I did my best to put some spirit into the show.

Download: Anime Afterlife Podcast End of the Year 2011 Awards Show

Listen here:

And the categories are…

Hey guys, we’re getting close to the day of the recording of our End of The Year Show (likely tomorrow) for 2011. We decided to change a few categories up from last year, taking out some of the unnecessary ones. Anyhow, it should be a fun show, so look forward to listening to it. Unfortunately, we’re not accepting guests this year as we already have a full house this time. Still, we encourage people to share their choices in the comments below!

Our categories are:

1. Best OP
2. Best ED
3. Best Soundtrack/Music
4. Best Male Character
5. Best Female Character
6. Worst Character
7. Best Seiyuu
8. Best Art-style
9. Most Original Show
10. Best Season
11. Best Surprise
12. Biggest Disappointment
13. Most Improved
14. Most Overrated
15. Most Underrated
16. Guilty Pleasure
17. Worst Series
18. Best OVA/Movie
19. Best Comedy
20. Best Drama
21. Best Action
22. Best Slice of Life
23. Best Overall Series
24. Best Anime from Another Year
25. Most Anticipated Series

I also feel so sick these days too. Coughing and sneezing up so much mucus makes me look like this:

Goodbye 2011!

A tune for 2011:

Goodbye year 2011! We shared great times together in anime. We laughed, we cried, we had some of the best days with anime. So many things have happened since this year began. We became mad scientist, because it’s so cool. We fought witches and lost our innocence. We were trolled by aliens and restaurant workers alike. We gambled with our lives on the line. We made friends,  not many, but the few that mattered most to us and played visual novel games together. We fought valiantly for half priced ben-tos because they looked so damn delicious. We became superheroes and stayed by each others side to the end. We said our goodbyes to our deceased friends and moved on in life. We had plenty of fun with robot school girls and little scientist girls. We raised our little aunts ourselves so they could have a great childhood. We failed tests together and awed at our androgynous friend. Was it a he or she? We’ll never know. We came, we saw, we conquered the opposite sex to relieve them of their inner demons. We dealt with vampire kitties, gender identity, and a resolve to tell our crushes our true feelings. We ate mayonnaise chicken, and sang with idols. We helped friends save them from themselves as we were thrown into tvs. We saw a whole new colorful life where we could live the life of someone and learn from their mistakes and new worlds where we traveled to return our deceased loved ones to the living. We fought alongside servants to obtain the holy grail and achieve our sole wishes. We risked our lives to be gods and fought amongst each other as we attempted to predict the future. We shared the same fate and bared through the same punishments together. We reclaimed the present, for the sake of the future with the power of will.. and money. We fought alongside demons despite our differences, and even signed contracts with them to be used as our personal servants, so sadistically. We became zombies and we were adored by magical girls and vampires. We raced past the redline becau- UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ. 2011, you were a damn good year for anime. I’ll never forget the fun experiences and times we shared together. So long and thanks for all the fish.

Winter 2011/2012 Anime Chart

UPDATED: Version 3 of the Winter 2011/2012 chart is here. Well, its actually been out for about a week now but there are new series on this chart such as Mobile Suit Gundam Seed HD, a new Precure series, and other new goodies sprinkled around. So take a look!
This chart is brought to you by AnimuCharts

Winter 2012 Chart v3 AnimuCharts

Visual Novel Review: G Senjō no Maō (The Devil on G-String)

G-Senjou no Maou Cover

Name: G Senjō no Maō (The Devil on G-String)
Studio: Akabeisoft2
Genre: Drama, Eroge
Year Released: 2008

Here is the first ever visual novel review on AAP. To kick off this groundbreaking development, I’ll be reviewing the visual novel that I haven’t failed to shove down everyone’s throat appropriately propagate to everyone I meet; the long overdue review of G Senjou no Mao. Of course, spoiler free.
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The Art of Fanart; random Madoka

by artist Rodney

Special Upcoming Project!

Lately I haven’t been blogging or reviewing about anime for the past few weeks; Due to large amount of work and afraid I can’t make it to the future Podcasts. The past few weeks I haven’t written a post and haven’t bothered with reviews. The reason why is because, I feel like my thoughts aren’t getting through enough and isn’t expanding to other Anime viewers. I looked through inspirations of others Anime reviewers that got me into reviewing and exploring the Anime media. I had a clever idea that probably my worst or best attempt ever to get my opinion out there. So here it is… Read more of this post

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2011

This past weekend at Anime Weekend Atlanta was an incredible experience. It was the first convention I had been to in over 2 years so I was extremely excited to be going back. There was a lot of people to see, tons of stuff to buy, and news from some of the big anime companies in the industry. So lets take a look at some of what I saw this past weekend. Read more of this post