Persona Music Words of Soul: Lotus Juice

What you see above is the man whose voice is heard across the world by millions of people. A voice known for the popular franchise Persona, whose responsible for majority of the soundtrack. Doing vocals and writing lyrics alongside Persona Music director Shoji Meguro. Popular among works like Mass Destruction, Deep Destruction and Burn my Dread and many more inside the game and anime soundtracks. His name started becoming known around 2005, but mainly for the Persona 3 soundtrack. I believe Lotus Juice fame should be expanded outside of the Persona universe. As from the title of the post and reading Persona, you know this man is involved in the Anime and gaming industry. But this man is more than any other Rapper. Probably one of the most unique I heard from the Japanese Hip-hop crowd. I’ll be stating on why you should give listening to him; if you haven’t. Read more of this post

Sukitte Ii na yo Episode 2 – I like big tits, and I cannot lie

I’m starting to take a vast interest in the characters of Sukitte. I’m starting to see personalities in characters that I wouldn’t expect in a shoujo romance. Take this guy for example, Kenji. He is the Andy W. Hol of Sukitte. But instead of having a diehard love for holes (no not those holes you perverts), his focus of attention is on them big titties. Anyone who watches enough anime will come to see that this is not an uncommon occurrence. But it is a bit of an uncommon occurrence when dealing with shoujo romances and the like. I would find this sort of situation to be a bit off putting if it hadn’t been handled properly the way that Sukitte has. Plus Kenji ends up with the apple of his eye within the first two episodes. Thank god they aren’t the main couple or this may end up like Bokura ga Ita.

Actually this would make him less like Andy W. Hol. Because being Andy is suffering.

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Sukitte Ii na yo Episode 1- Shoujos are all the same

So I’m going to jump on the weekly anime blogging bandwagon. And what better way for me to start off than by blogging about a show in the genre that is practically my bread and butter: shoujo romances.

I guess this is the part of the post where I say something quirky or ironic to describe this episode of the show and give a general feel of how I felt about it, right? Is that how this works? Well, I must say there was a lack of sparkles/bubbles/flowers in this first episode than what I’m used to in other shoujos I’ve been exposed to. That was literally the only sparkle I saw the entire first episode. Get with the game Sukitte Ii na yo.

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Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012 Preview

Yup. It’s that time of the year once again. This Friday I will be attending Anime Weekend Atlanta once again. There will be many new faces to meet this year and also some returning ones as well. And let’s not forget the endless number of panels to attend, anime screenings to watch, merchandise to buy, cosplayers to photograph, and everything else in between. After printing off 20 pages worth of stuff to do at this year’s AWA, I have formulated a very tight schedule that I will try oh so hard to attend to. So here is my run down of all that I will be doing at this year’s AWA.

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Anime Afterlife Podcast Spring 2012 Impressions Show


This week we are joined with guest, Marth, discuss our impressions on the spring 2012 anime shows of the year. Check out Marth’s blog in our blogroll in the right sidebar!

Download here: Anime Afterlife Podcast Spring 2012 Impressions Show

Listen here:

A Look Back at Toonami.

Remember back in the day before Youtube, streaming and filesharing were the main thing? All you had was to view your TV guide and wait patiently for your favorite shows to air. Think back about a dozen years before you had your high tech; computers, media players and smart phones, How would you find the shows you wanted to watch for your pleasurable viewing? Especially Anime shows when fansubbers were very underground during the 1990’s and early 2000’s and buying anime in stores were a bit more pricey. Well back in the day, you had something called Toonami. What is Toonami for those who don’t know, Toonami is an airblock on the Cartoon Network Channel that aired some of the greatest action cartoons and anime. Read more of this post

Summer 2012 Anime Chart 1.0

Chart provided by

So the first version of the summer 2012 chart for anime is now already released, and well… I honestly can’t say I’m excited about the things about it. I don’t mean to dismiss everything that’s on that list, but with sequels from shows that I’ve never particularly cared about it, certainly doesn’t make it look great. But hey, there’s that 2nd season of Moyashimon that’s suppose to come out. Maybe I’ll pick up the first season before the spring season is over.

The Bloody Nose

Have you ever wonder why Bloody noses ever occur when a guy (or a girl some occasions) see a hot girl (guy) or have sexual thoughts? People always been puzzled of this awkward gag that’s been reused in Anime formulas countless times. I’ve been ask this many countless times in the past and I’ve done some thinking. Here’s a clear simple understanding to the origins of bloody noses reactions. Read more of this post

Little Busters Anime Announced, 2012.03.25

Today, on the Yaraon blog, and on the Dengeki Bunko Web Radio, the KEY visual novel, Little Busters has been green-lit for a TV anime adaptation.

Almost nothing else has been released about the show, but hopes are that the studio doing the job will be Kyoto Animation following suit with past KEY works.

Anime Power Rankings: Winter 2012 Week 8

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