Hyouka: Thus Far

Kyoto Animation is one of the few anime studios where if they make a new anime, I will pick it up no questions asked. KyoAni’s latest addition into the world of anime is Hyouka. Four high school students, Chitanda Eru, Fukube Satoshi, Ibara Mayaka, and Oreki Houtaru reestablish the Classic Literature Club. The basis of what they do is solve mysteries, big or small. Thus far, the show is wavering between somewhat good, and stupidly bad.

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A Look Back at Toonami.

Remember back in the day before Youtube, streaming and filesharing were the main thing? All you had was to view your TV guide and wait patiently for your favorite shows to air. Think back about a dozen years before you had your high tech; computers, media players and smart phones, How would you find the shows you wanted to watch for your pleasurable viewing? Especially Anime shows when fansubbers were very underground during the 1990’s and early 2000’s and buying anime in stores were a bit more pricey. Well back in the day, you had something called Toonami. What is Toonami for those who don’t know, Toonami is an airblock on the Cartoon Network Channel that aired some of the greatest action cartoons and anime. Read more of this post

The Bloody Nose

Have you ever wonder why Bloody noses ever occur when a guy (or a girl some occasions) see a hot girl (guy) or have sexual thoughts? People always been puzzled of this awkward gag that’s been reused in Anime formulas countless times. I’ve been ask this many countless times in the past and I’ve done some thinking. Here’s a clear simple understanding to the origins of bloody noses reactions. Read more of this post

Commanders of Fate: Characters with a Reason

Warning: This post contains minor to major spoilers for Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, and Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (general).

As a sort of branch to my personal philosophy that I’ve yet to put into words, a few characters in anime came to mind that seemed relevant to what it is. There are quite a few things to factor in when thinking of a truly well written character, and to name a few they could be development, personality, motivations, and goals. One thing about characters that I truly admire is their actions in accordance with their ideology. Normally, characters tend to follow the general flow of the narrative they’re in, reacting dynamically to what happens around them, whether it’s an impending evil, or a common day-to-day adventure. The characters that I come to value the most are the ones who aspire to become the catalyst of that very flow, which distorts the direction of the future to their liking for whatever reason they may have. Following is a short list of characters that I believe to be candidates to fit this category.
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Evangelion and the Chips off the Old Block

Warning: This post contains severe spoilers to the Evangelion franchise.
No, this is not an analytical post as to why the Rebuilds are a sequel to Evangelion.

Evangelion was and is important. Yes, because it’s a big contribution to the industry. Yes, because it’s a precedent in the mecha genre, and for anime in general in numerous ways. Yes, because it’s cool, and full of religion and mystery, and for its psychological structure. What else makes it important, and where do the Rebuilds of Evangelion stand?
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A Closer look at Steins;Gate or How I am Mad Scientist, it’s so cool

This article contains heavy spoilers to the show, Steins;Gate, so be forewarned when you read this article.

Now let me start off by saying that I really enjoyed Steins;Gate. Probably is one of my favorite shows of the year so far. I feel almost obligated to say this as I find it’s extremely exhausting/frustrating/obnoxious to see fanboys flip their shit over criticism on their favorite shows. I’ve read and written enough articles to know this. Without further adieu, I feel prompted to address some issues I’ve noticed with Steins;Gate. Don’t get me wrong though. S;G had great writing, well thought out and interesting characters, more notable than some of the ones in other popular shows released earlier this year. But with a series like Steins;Gate, there’s some risky business with its ideas.

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