Anime Afterlife Podcast: Best Girl Special

Lerxst, Gabe, and Zach get together to discuss a list of 32 shows, and their best female characters. Listen for the lols and leave a comment when you want to disagree with them.

Download: AAP: The Best Girl


Anime Afterlife Podcast Spring 2012 Impressions Show


This week we are joined with guest, Marth, discuss our impressions on the spring 2012 anime shows of the year. Check out Marth’s blog in our blogroll in the right sidebar!

Download here: Anime Afterlife Podcast Spring 2012 Impressions Show

Listen here:

Anime Afterlife Podcast End of the Year 2011 Awards Show

Alas it is here, the 2011 end of the year awards show! Anime Afterlife Podcast hosts, DavetheZombie, Vensito, Gabe, Lerxst, and blog writer, Richard, give the annual awards to the anime shows and movies of 2011. It’s a long listen (about 2 and a half hours long), but we had a lot of fun doing this awards show. (Just imagine if we had guests on, yikes). Sorry if I seemed low tone this show, I was incredibly sick (still am too), but I did my best to put some spirit into the show.

Download: Anime Afterlife Podcast End of the Year 2011 Awards Show

Listen here:

The 2011 Mid-year Report Special

Instead of doing a show this week, I’ve settled on doing a special. That’s right, this coming Thursday (at 7ish PST), we’re having a special on all the animes that have aired from January 2011 to the end of June 2011, the mid-year special. We’ll be talking about our impressions and thoughts on the year so far, and give a quick top 5 shows of 2011 afterwards. Any guest is free to join in on the special. Just message our skype names at the right bar of the site, or message any one of us on MAL to let us know. Reason for the special is that I’ll be pretty damn occupied during this weekend to work on long recordings like the regular show plus the top 5, so this should help cut some slack for me.

First Post and… Yaoi Night?

Hello! I’m Suda. I’ve known Dave, Vensito, King, and Tanuki for a while. I haven’t been watching anime or reading manga as much as them, but I’ve had a good share of it. Now I’m on the same team as them! I’ll be making a bunch of different kinds of posts from reviews to opinions… maybe.

Anywho, Friday night, there’s gonna be something. Something relatively big. A bunch of friends and ourselves are going to do a group… review project on an infamous piece of work called Boku no Pico. Expect reactions.

The video we have isn’t encoded well, and I’m unable to re-encode it correctly since I don’t know how. So there won’t be an audio and video reaction, just the audio.

Here it is. (Updated link 2/7/2011– Added show OP and ED, plus lower file size)

It’s pretty long, but I didn’t want to cut out a lot since most of it is funny. The viewing starts at around 2 minutes, and you’ll be able to seek pretty much anywhere in the file and hear a lot of screaming.

>Anime Afterlife Podcast: The End of the Year 2010 Special


Alright, sorry it took so long, but here it is! The AAP: 2010 Awards show! In this show we have about 25 categories listing from the Best Anime Opening to the Worst Characters of the Year, and so on. On this show, is me, Ven, and our full out guests, Aznsensation (Gabe), Joseqq, and Lerxst. The show’s a stomping 2 hrs long, but it’s a lot of content for what we talked about on the show. We hope you enjoy it!

Download the show here: Anime Afterlife Podcast: The End of the Year 2010 Special
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