Anime/Manga Question of the Week #3

That’s right everyone, this shit still exists. It has been one incredibly busy semester and I have put some things on the back burner for the time being, just like that my AMF show that kinda sorta still exists, somewhat. But fear not, for I am here to give you another Question of the Week. This week’s question won’t be as creative as the last two (actually none of them have been creative) because I kind of just thought this up at the last minute just so I could get this back up and running and actually make a post on the site for once. So this week’s question is:

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Anime/Manga Question of the Week: Week #2

Sorry for the delay on week 2 of this post. Last week was incredibly hectic and busy what with school and me having to work a 40 hour week at work. But fear not, for I come with a new question to rattle your brains….ponder within your subconscious….tickle your fancy? Ah fuck it, I had a hard time thinking of some new and clever question so you guys are just gonna have to deal with this for the week until I think of something more thoughtful and interesting. So your Anime/Manga Question of the Week for this week is:

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Anime/Manga Question of the Week: Week #1

Hello huge picture that is huge because Lerxst can’t resize

I really couldn’t figure out a better title than this in the entire week that I had since my last post about this, or even a better picture to go along with it for that matter. If this weekly post picks up maybe I’ll think of something more clever or catchy and a picture that better suits this post. But anyways, I think I will start off Week 1 with this question for discussion:
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