New Route Unlocked!: The Visual Novel Route

For a while, this blog has been nothing more than a humble podcast between friends who focused on discussing our thoughts and experiences on anime and manga alone, mainly; save for a few posts here and there about topics only vaguely related to anime and manga. But lately, a few of us have been doing a bit more. Lerxst and I, and for a brief time, most of our Skype conversation members and friends, have played visual novels. So, to officially widen the scope of this podcast, there will be an addition to our list of side-shows known as the Anime Afterlife Podcast: The Visual Novel Route, and this post to kick it off.

This show won’t be very much different than the others except for two things. The cast will be considerably smaller than the rest, and it will be released irregularly, at a base of once a month at least. I’ll be the host, and Lerxst will be my co-host, and anyone who is interested and has played whatever our next game is are free to join as well. To kick off our new show, soon we’ll be discussing the 4chan famous, Katawa Shoujo.

As soon as Lerxst and I finish and tie up loose ends, we’ll be releasing our first show here, and quite possibly on iTunes as well. Please look forward to it!

So we have a twitter account…

So I actually made a twitter feed for this site months ago, but I never really used it for tweeting about stuff other than just posts from this site. Hell, I was hesitant to even make this post, but I figured, “You know, this is 2012. We all have to eventually adapt and migrate to the quickest internet feed communication site.” I feel almost dirty about it. I truly and honestly despise social networking sites, heaven forbid we start some Facebook group. But it’s convenient. So you can follow us here at @AnimeAfterlife. I’ll be the one on the account as neither Gabe nor Ven seem to give two shits about it. I think our co-host Lerxst has his own twitter feed which I’ll put up if he wants. Main reason I’m doing this now is to start this site and podcast back up again. I hate seeing ourselves go so long without shows so I’m willing to do anything to get ourselves back to being as active as we used to be. I suppose it’ll also be helpful in letting you folks know when we’re gonna record a show and when we’ll release one. Of course, anyone is welcome to ask any questions they may have for us, or just provide some constructive feedback on our shows via twitter. Otherwise, I’ll just be tweeting away about anime.  Tweeting….. tweeting…. Just the sound of the word makes me cringe…

Happy Father’s Day!

  Well it’s that time of the year everybody! Here at Anime After Life Podcast we all like to wish everyone a good Father’s Day! So make sure you get off your little bums and tell your Papa that you love him… Even if you don’t. Try to remember the good things your Dad has done for you and don’t take it for granted! One day you’ll be a father (or a mama) and that responsibility will be hand down to you. Don’t treat your Father like an Okazaki!

Summer 2011 Anime: Who’s Watching What

We knew it was coming. And it’s almost here. Let’s all look forward to what Summer 2011 has to offer us!


AnimeNewsNetwork: TV Anime, Movies, and OVAs.

Summer 2011 Chart

If you haven’t already seen it (on the many blogs posting it), here it is.

Nelson Summer 2011 Anime Chart

Nelson's Summer 2011 Anime Chart

And so, here are the anime we will be watching, and who will be watching them.

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Happy Birthday to Gabe!

It is May 16th. Which means, today is the day, our host and writer, Gabe was released into the outside world, as he was pushed out from a sticky, sticky, womb. When he was pushed out, the doctors found that he had a volume of Negima in one hand, and a picture of Akiyuki Shinbo in the other. From that day when he was exposed to anime and manga, the rest became history… Now our little boy has aged 16 today, still watching anime to this very day.

So now here’s images of some of your favorite stuff compiled into one post!

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So if any of you have been following Anime Movie Friday, you have heard that the show is done every other Friday to prevent Dave from editing three shows every week. WELL THAT IS NO LONGER AN ISSUE!!!!! Thanks to Gabe’s generosity, he has volunteered to edit the Anime Movie Friday shows. So we will now be doing an AMF show EVERY WEEK!!!! I CAN JUST FEEL THE EXCITEMENT THAT IS PROTRUDING FROM YOUR BODIES NOW!!!!! But yeah, an AMF will be recorded and put out every week instead of every other week. So keep a look out for many more AMF shows in the future.

When You Shorten the Title “Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai” down to “Ano Hana,” it goes from “We Still Don’t Know the Name of the Flower We Saw That Day” to…

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Clannad After Story Blu-Ray and American DVD Released!

My reaction when I remembered the Blu-rays were released

On April 19th, 2011, the Blu-Ray box set of Clannad’s sequel Clannad After Story was released in Japan.

Alongside the Blu-Ray release in Japan, Sentai Filmworks‘ English dub of Clannad After Story on DVD  had been localized and distributed in America by Section23 Films.

The box set is set at a whopping $700, and the American DVD release is $42.

After Story Japanese Blu-Ray Box Set on CDJapan

After Story English DVD Collection on Sentai Filmworks’ Homepage

First Post and… Yaoi Night?

Hello! I’m Suda. I’ve known Dave, Vensito, King, and Tanuki for a while. I haven’t been watching anime or reading manga as much as them, but I’ve had a good share of it. Now I’m on the same team as them! I’ll be making a bunch of different kinds of posts from reviews to opinions… maybe.

Anywho, Friday night, there’s gonna be something. Something relatively big. A bunch of friends and ourselves are going to do a group… review project on an infamous piece of work called Boku no Pico. Expect reactions.

The video we have isn’t encoded well, and I’m unable to re-encode it correctly since I don’t know how. So there won’t be an audio and video reaction, just the audio.

Here it is. (Updated link 2/7/2011– Added show OP and ED, plus lower file size)

It’s pretty long, but I didn’t want to cut out a lot since most of it is funny. The viewing starts at around 2 minutes, and you’ll be able to seek pretty much anywhere in the file and hear a lot of screaming.

>A Trailer And A Movie Announcement!

INDEX 2!! Can’t wait! Look out for it on October 8.

And…Seeing as Sengoku Basara 2 is coming to a close, they announced that there will be a theatrical movie based on the series in 2011.

Life is good.