Persona Music Words of Soul: Lotus Juice

What you see above is the man whose voice is heard across the world by millions of people. A voice known for the popular franchise Persona, whose responsible for majority of the soundtrack. Doing vocals and writing lyrics alongside Persona Music director Shoji Meguro. Popular among works like Mass Destruction, Deep Destruction and Burn my Dread and many more inside the game and anime soundtracks. His name started becoming known around 2005, but mainly for the Persona 3 soundtrack. I believe Lotus Juice fame should be expanded outside of the Persona universe. As from the title of the post and reading Persona, you know this man is involved in the Anime and gaming industry. But this man is more than any other Rapper. Probably one of the most unique I heard from the Japanese Hip-hop crowd. I’ll be stating on why you should give listening to him; if you haven’t. Read more of this post

Music Video Monday #50: Go to DMC Edition

It might be odd to end something as we start off the new year, but I think it’s best to lay these music video mondays to rest. Why? Because A) I’m running out of music videos to post and B) I just don’t think they’re that much of importance to post anymore, nor does anyone seem to care about em. I’ll probably come up with some other weekly segment to replace this one too. Anyhow, this (probably) last music video is ‘ Amai Koibito’ by Daisuke Kishio, or better known as the ED to Detroit Metal City. I know I’m in the minority when I say I enjoy this sappy song over the hardcore metal songs of DMC, but fuck it, it’s so damn catchy.

Music Video Monday #49: Meri Kurisumasu Edition

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope everyone’s having an excellent winter break so far. In spite of the holidays, I decided to post ‘Jin Jin Jingle Bell’ by Sasaki Nozomi, instead of something anime related. You probably might recognize Sasaki from her song in Beelzebub, Papepipupo. Anyhow, I wish everyone had a very great Meri Kurisumasu, and will have a Happy New Year as well.

The Art of Fanart; Randoms; Rhythm Heaven touhou

I’ll admit, this doesn’t have anything to do with anime, but hey, its from japan.   But man, the Touhou fandom has created much wierd stuff.  This really isn’t that wierd but meh, its fun.

To those who have played Rhythm Heaven on the ds, you may get a kick out of these videos.  Each video contains a remix of a Rhythm Heaven song, with touhou characters and themes added as well.

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Music Video Monday #48: Trollish Aliens Edition

This week I chose, ‘Cold Finger Girl’ by Chiaki Kuriyama, or better known as the OP to this year’s Level E. At first, I didn’t pay much mind to Level E’s opening as I watched the show, but it definitely grew on me. In fact, the show as a whole pretty much grew on me as I felt pretty uninterested in the show until a few episodes in when it managed to turn things around into an unexpected twist. David Productions is doing surprisingly well this year, as they’re also producing this season’s Ben-to, which is also a whole lot of fun to watch.

Music Video Monday #47: Chasing Light Edition

This week I chose ‘Chase the Light’ by Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, or better known as the OP to Kaiji Season 2. I’m not the biggest fan of screaming music… or autotuning, but this isn’t too bad. I’ve gotten used to it while watching Kaiji’s second season (which by the way is a must watch for the year). I still find myself enjoying Kaiji’s 1st OP way more, but it’s nice to have a chance in pace in music. Fear and Loathing has also produced the new Hunter x Hunter ED, another show of the season I’ve yet to catch up on.

Anime OST: Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 OST Album Scan

Title: Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Original Soundtrack
Composer: Kow Otani, Hiroshi Shibasaki, and Shion Tsuji
Distributor: Epic Records
Release Date: Oct 28, 2009

8.0s tragic story wouldn’t be the same without its soundtrack. It maintains a mellow tone for the most part, and it has the heart-pounding pieces that should automatically follow even the title alone, and of course the inevitable drama that its premise summons. They’re well done, well timed, and overall it’s a solid soundtrack with several very memorable pieces.
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Music Video Monday #46: Survival Game Edition

This week I chose ‘Kuusou Mesorogiwi’ by Yousei Teikoku, or better known as the 1st OP to Mirai Nikki. Without a doubt, this song makes my favorite opening of the season. Yes, if you’ve read the manga, then you’ve noticed there’s spoilers up the ass in the opening. But for those who haven’t read it, well then you’re in for quite the treat. I absolutely love Mirai Nikki and this song quite accurately describes the feeling and atmosphere of Mirai Nikki. I swear, I listen to this opening three or four times a day.

Music Video Monday #45: Papepipupo Edition

So I know Halloween is almost over, but I’ll post a music video anyway that’s in no way related to Halloween. Here’s ‘Papepipu♪ Papipepu♪ Papepipupo♪’ by Sasaki Nozomi, or better known as the 4th ed to Beelzebub. Why on Halloween? Why the fuck not. Because it’s too damn catchy. That’s why. Because that’s how we do things here at AAP. Damn straight. For real. Motherfucka’.

Music Video Monday #44: Holy Grail Edition

Hi, I haven’t been neglecting this site! Not at all! Anyhow, here’s this week’s music video, Oath Sing, by LiSA, or better known as the opening to this season’s show, Fate/Zero. The real music video starts around 40 seconds in, and as for the opening for Fate/Zero, no idea why its a double clip but its the closest I could find for the opening. Oh well, it will do. Fate/Zero’s got excellent production value, and ufotable certainly knows what they’re doing with the material. There’s actually quite a lot of other music videos I’d like to post, granted they even have PVs in the first place, but gosh darn it are they hard to come by.