Pink Evangelions GALORE!

Eva 3.0 (Quickening) comes out in Japan on November 17. We won’t see it subbed for months, but in the meantime, here’s a new trailer to cream your pants over.


Steins;Gate english trailer

the cast so far (atleast what i can find from wikipedia):

Rintarō Okabe – J. Michael Tatum  Isaac Dian from Baccano! and Scar from Botherhood
Trina Nishimura – Kurisu Makise  Lan Fan from brotherhood
Mayuri Shiina – Jackie Ross
Itaru “HAKER” Hashida – Tyson Rinehart
Moeka Kiryū – Jessica Cavanaugh
Ruka Urushibara – Lindsey Seidel
Suzuha Amane – Cherami Leigh  
Yūgo Tennōji – Christopher Sabat …Alex Louis Armstrong
Nae Tennōji – Brina Palencia  ennis from baccano



so, thoughts on the cast so far?

A new Evangelion 3.0 trailer for you!

A new trailer for Evangelion 3.0 was released in Japan a few days again, and marking a release date as well. The movie is due to be released on November 17th 2012 in Japan, which likely means somewhere mid-2013 for us Americans for blu-ray releases. With Asuka now being a pirate, and Nerv decimated, it’s curious to see what will happen next in the new installment in the Rebuild series. Good lord, the wait is torture.

Little Busters Anime Announced, 2012.03.25

Today, on the Yaraon blog, and on the Dengeki Bunko Web Radio, the KEY visual novel, Little Busters has been green-lit for a TV anime adaptation.

Almost nothing else has been released about the show, but hopes are that the studio doing the job will be Kyoto Animation following suit with past KEY works.

So we have a twitter account…

So I actually made a twitter feed for this site months ago, but I never really used it for tweeting about stuff other than just posts from this site. Hell, I was hesitant to even make this post, but I figured, “You know, this is 2012. We all have to eventually adapt and migrate to the quickest internet feed communication site.” I feel almost dirty about it. I truly and honestly despise social networking sites, heaven forbid we start some Facebook group. But it’s convenient. So you can follow us here at @AnimeAfterlife. I’ll be the one on the account as neither Gabe nor Ven seem to give two shits about it. I think our co-host Lerxst has his own twitter feed which I’ll put up if he wants. Main reason I’m doing this now is to start this site and podcast back up again. I hate seeing ourselves go so long without shows so I’m willing to do anything to get ourselves back to being as active as we used to be. I suppose it’ll also be helpful in letting you folks know when we’re gonna record a show and when we’ll release one. Of course, anyone is welcome to ask any questions they may have for us, or just provide some constructive feedback on our shows via twitter. Otherwise, I’ll just be tweeting away about anime.  Tweeting….. tweeting…. Just the sound of the word makes me cringe…

Sakamichi no Apollon PV

Director Shinichirou Watanabe, who has created notable works like Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo, is directing a new series, Sakamichi no Apollon (Kids on the Slope). Yoko Kanno is also on board for doing the music. Some of her well recognized work can be heard in shows like Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell, and Aquarion. It already looks pretty interesting to me. With Kanno and Watanabe combo returning again, it looks like it could be a solid show.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Official English Dub Trailer

The English dub of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, licensed and performed, by Aniplex of America is coming to a close. This trailer was released on December 16, and the official DVD/BD releases will be on shelves from February 16, and finish the set on June 12, 2012.

Thoughts? Good or bad?


Nisemonogatari coming this January

Oh me oh my, so this is what Shaft has been cooking up lately (other than the Negima movie and Kizumonogatari).  So it has just been recently announced that Akiyuki Shinbo and Shaft have been working on a sequel to Bakemonogatari which has been titled Nisemonogatari. According to ANN, it is set in the early 21 century and will be focusing on Koyomi Araragi’s two sisters, named the “Fire Sisters”, Tsukihi and Karen Araragi. As I mentioned before, it is being directed by Akiyuki Shinbo and the character design’s will be done by Akio Watanabe, the man behind the character design’s for Bakemonogatari and The World God Only Knows. The website and the first trailer for the series can be found here.

All I have to say is hell fucking yes!!!! Bakemonogatari is my all-time favorite Shaft show and finding out there is a sequel coming out very soon focusing around the Araragi sisters, two characters I hoped would have had more screen time in Bakemonogatari, is just some incredible news. This is now my most anticipated series coming out next year. Can not wait to sink into this series and spend some time with a new Shaft series.


Sankarea: Greenlit for an Anime

Well this is somewhat unexpected. One of the mangas I’ve been following for quite awhile, Sankarea, is getting an anime adaptation. For those who don’t know, Sankarea tells the story of a zombie-obsessed teen who attempts to revive his dead cat. However, as he manages to (somewhat) successfully do so, he also brings back the corpse of a popular idol from an all-girl’s school. He then struggles to preserve her body before it can rot away. There’s no word yet which studio it will be done by or when it will even be released (Hopefully before 2012 is over). But this is good news! For me, at least. Sankarea has a nice mix of romance, comedy, and drama, that work quite well for an adaptation. Unfortunately, scantalators can be extremely slow with pushing out more chapters of Sankarea, and I mean, one chapter every 4 to 5 months. Holy hell is it a wait for just one chapter. I do recommend people go pick this up and give it a quick read, as it only has some 20ish chapters translated at the moment. Meanwhile, I’ll be marking down calendar dates till the day that adaptation comes out.



That is correct ladies and non-ladies,  ANN has just reported that Evangelion 3.0 will be slated for the Fall 0f 2012. I think I speak for many of us here at AAP, especially Vensito and myself, that we have been waiting to hear any news on this. And we finally have a time frame for Evangelion 3.0. Granted, we will not be getting any sort of release from any sub group or retail release for 3.0 in the Fall of 2012, but it is exciting news to hear that it is going to be screened late next year.


Here’s a very short trailer to keep you other Eva fanboys occupied for the time being