Richard’s New Years Resolution for 2012!

Christmas have passed and I was truly inspired by Lerxst’s Twelve day of Christmas posts, since the Holidays break is still young for me and New Years just around the corner. I thought I should make some resolutions and share it on the blog, since the transition to the new year is a time of new promises and commitment. What should we look forward too in 2012? This Podcast has been running for a little bit over a year now and still growing little by little. What’s in store at Anime After Life this 2012 and what should you expect from us or the community? Read more of this post

Winter 2011/2012 Anime Chart

UPDATED: Version 3 of the Winter 2011/2012 chart is here. Well, its actually been out for about a week now but there are new series on this chart such as Mobile Suit Gundam Seed HD, a new Precure series, and other new goodies sprinkled around. So take a look!
This chart is brought to you by AnimuCharts

Winter 2012 Chart v3 AnimuCharts

Nisemonogatari coming this January

Oh me oh my, so this is what Shaft has been cooking up lately (other than the Negima movie and Kizumonogatari).  So it has just been recently announced that Akiyuki Shinbo and Shaft have been working on a sequel to Bakemonogatari which has been titled Nisemonogatari. According to ANN, it is set in the early 21 century and will be focusing on Koyomi Araragi’s two sisters, named the “Fire Sisters”, Tsukihi and Karen Araragi. As I mentioned before, it is being directed by Akiyuki Shinbo and the character design’s will be done by Akio Watanabe, the man behind the character design’s for Bakemonogatari and The World God Only Knows. The website and the first trailer for the series can be found here.

All I have to say is hell fucking yes!!!! Bakemonogatari is my all-time favorite Shaft show and finding out there is a sequel coming out very soon focusing around the Araragi sisters, two characters I hoped would have had more screen time in Bakemonogatari, is just some incredible news. This is now my most anticipated series coming out next year. Can not wait to sink into this series and spend some time with a new Shaft series.