Podcast Shows

Episode Number Name Guests Download
1 The Premiere Show Darknezz and Jeroz Download
2 The Overanalyzed Show Lerxst and Gabe Download
3 The Mic Humping Show TemjinZero and Joseqq Download
4 The Inappropriate Show Wander Download
5 The Phoenix Show SelfTorment Download
6 The Heartless Bastards Show Zekana Download
7 The Show God Only Hates Pjunk Download
8 The Tangent Show Racmaster Download
9 The Daves a Woman Show Darknezz Download
10 The “Spooktacular” Show Joseqq and Lerxst Download
11 The Deus Ex “Maka-ina” None Download
12 The “Spoilerz” Show Joseqq Download
13 The Late Show Jeroz Download
14 The Retro Show None Download
15 The “Bro-Hood” Show None Download
16 The Echo Show Joseqq Download
17 The Weather Report Show None Download
18 The 4C Show None Download
19 The Flaming Show Lerxst Download
20 The Derailed Show Lerxst Download
21 The Fanboys Show None Download
22 The Sex Makes Babies Show Lerxst and TanukiNinja Download
23 The Directors Show Lerxst Download
24 The Super Short Show None Download
25 The Train Wreck Show Lerxst Download
26 The Back on Track Show Lerxst Download
27 The Nothing Special Show Aeroblip, Jun Ho Lee Download
28 The Ghostbusting Menma Show Aeroblip Download
29 The Rumbling Reviews Show Aeroblip Download
30 The Rage Show Aeroblip and Marth Download
31 The Solo Show None Download
32 The 2011 Fall Preview Show Richard and Aeroblip Download
33 The Lonely Trombone Show None Download
34 The CountryWide Show Zach Download
35 The Gobble Gobble Show None Download
36 The Xmas Time Show Zekana Download
37 The Detergent Show None Download
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