Top 5 Shows

Episode # Top 5 Guests Download
1 Anime Worlds Jeroz and Darknezz Download
2 Most Badass Characters Gabe and Lerxst Download
3 Desired Anime Adaptations TemjinZero and Joseqq Download
4 Anime and Manga Fights Wander Download
5 Funniest Characters SelfTorment Download
6 Nostalgic Shows Zekana Download
7 Attractive Characters Pjunk Download
8 Biggest Disappointments Racmaster Download
9 Depressing Anime/Manga Darknezz Download
10 Wanted Sequels Joseqq and Lerxst Download
11 Voice Actors/Actresses None Download
12 Underrated Characters Joseqq Download
13 Dream Fights Jeroz Download
14 Worst Endings None Download
15 Anime or Manga Casts None Download
16 Overrated Characters Joseqq Download
17 Tsunderes None Download
18 Harems None Download
19 Fathers Lerxst Download
20 Manliest Characters Lerxst Download
21 Organizations None Download
22 Abilities Lerxst and TanukiNinja Download
23 Childhood Friends Lerxst Download
24 Rivals None Download
25 First Episodes/Chapters Lerxst Download
26 Deteriorated Shows Lerxst Download
27 Improved Shows Aeroblip, Jun Ho Lee Download
28 Anime OSTs Aeroblip, Aftershok Download
29 SharpShooters Zekana, Aeroblip Download
30 Guilty Pleasures Marth, Aeroblip Download
31 Anime Studios Aeroblip Download
32 English Dubs Aeroblip Download
33 Comedy Series Zek and Zach Download
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