12 Days of Anime Christmas: Day 5

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12 Days of Anime Christmas: Day 4

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12 Days of Anime Christmas: Day 3

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12 Days of Anime Christmas: Day 2

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12 Days of Anime Christmas: Day 1

WARNING: This post may contain spoilers to Summer Wars, Evangelion 2.0 and The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

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12 Days of Anime Christmas

That’s right boys and girls! It’s now December and that means Christmas (sorry to any of our Jewish followers out there). This year I will be celebrating the spirit of Christmas by starting something I am titling “12 Days of Anime Christmas”. This is something that other anime blogs like The Cart Driver (a really good anime blog everyone should check out) have been doing for a number of years now so I’ve decided to hop on the bandwagon and add Anime Afterlife Podcast to the mix. The premise for this is simple: starting on December 14th and going all the way to Christmas I will be blogging about all the things I enjoyed about this year in anime. Now this does not mean just all the airing anime from this year. This is also going to include anything non-airing I’ve watched this year, news stories, etc. It will pretty much be anything anime related. I’m looking forward to doing this little project cause there were many things I loved about this year anime-wise and I hope that all of you out there will join me in telling us what some of your favorite things this year in anime were.

Anime Movie Friday #12: Redline

Anime Movie Friday hosts, Lerxst, DavetheZombie, Gabe, and Vensito, along with blog writers, Richard, and Zekana, talk about their thoughts on the anime movie, Redline.

Download here: Anime Movie Friday #12: Redline

Listen here:

Puella Magi Madoka Magica to Continue Airing April 21st!

"It's about damn time!"

After its six week hiatus, the SHAFT anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica will continue broadcasting at the MBS TV station on Thursday, April 21st. Both the eleventh and twelfth episode will broadcast back-to-back in a one hour block at 12:40 PM and 1:10 PM respectively. The last two episodes were halted due to obvious circumstances caused by the earthquake disaster.

So for all you Madoka fans (myself included), your ever-growing anticipation will be satisfied in a short while.